His Perfect Wife, by Aminata Coote

Released January 23, 2024

The Mother of His Child by Aminata Coote

The Mother of His Child

Can an accidental pregnancy and a marriage of convenience lead to an enduring love?

Isabelle Gonzalez made the biggest mistake of her life. And now she’s pregnant by a man who refuses to commit. When Aidan finds out about her pregnancy, he makes her a deal: a marriage of convenience—for the baby’s sake. Will she survive this marriage, considering she’s still in love with him?

Aiden Colt didn’t think he had a chance with Isabelle, even when they’d been flirting in the office. When a night of passion leads to an accidental pregnancy, can he convince Isabelle to take a chance on forever with him?

The Mother of His Child is a short, Christian contemporary second-chance romance with a happily-ever-after.


  • Shared pasts
  • Redemption
  • Forced Proximity
  • Marriage of Convenience
  • Second Chance at Love
  • Boss/Employee
  • Forbidden Love

Coming February 8, 2024

The Doctor’s Christmas Miracle by Aminata Coote

The Doctor’s Christmas Miracle

When a Christmas-loving woman meets an anti-Christmas grumpy doctor, miracles happen

When Elena “Sunshine” Fairchild returns to Orange Valley for her mother’s wedding, she’s determined to keep busy. Anything so as not to obsess over the fact that her mother had fallen in love twice, whereas she couldn’t even find a man she wanted to date. Butting heads with the grumpy doctor was further proof she was not destined to fall in love.

Dr. Matt Beckett just wanted to do his job. He didn’t want any of the holiday cheer that was going around. And certainly not the cheerfulness of the florist who kept showing up at his hospital.

When Matt and Sunshine must work together on a project, their beliefs clash. But rather than retreating to their corners, both wonder if there’s a Christmas miracle in store for them.


  • Afraid to Commit
  • Home For The Holidays
  • Redemption
  • Grumpy-sunshine
  • Small Town Vibes
  • Opposites Attract
  • He Falls First
  • Found Family
  • Forbidden Romance

The Doctor’s Christmas Miracle is a contemporary Christian romance novella. Enjoy this Christmas novella all year long.

This heartwarming Christmas novella was first published in the A Merry Heart anthology, which was released on November 7, 2023. Republished as an individual book on February 8, 2024.

Coming February 23, 2024

Falling For Her Fake Wedding Date by Aminata Coote

Falling For Her Fake Wedding Date

Can a date for hire become the love of a lifetime?

When Emma Sinclair’s younger sister announces her engagement, Emma is determined not to face the wedding alone. With a plan to hire a plus one, she’s ready to find the perfect date.

Carlos Gonzalez dreams of leaving his firefighter days behind to open a custom body shop. To make his dream a reality, he moonlights as a date for hire, offering companionship with no strings attached.

When Emma hires Carlos to be her wedding date, their connection is electric. Amid the celebration, they discover a deeper bond. But Carlos faces the ultimate challenge—proving that his feelings for Emma are authentic and not just part of the job.Falling For Her Fake Wedding Date is book one in the Firefighters of Orange Valley series.


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