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A Seaside Wonder Review

Indi Muir has always seen herself as the one who messes up. Maybe that’s why she tries a little too hard to be good and shrinks a little with every failed venture.

She knows she’s loved by her family, but she doesn’t feel as if she’s quite good enough. On the other hand, the only thing Philip has ever felt from his family is rejection. The two of them will come to realize how perfect they are for each other.

Oh my word! This book was such a treasure. I was captivated by Philip’s shy, sweet personality from page one and kept reading because the interplay between him and Indi was so good.

Indi was exactly what he needed as she brought light and joy into his world, whereas he was the stabilizing presence and source of encouragement she needed.

Philip and Indi made a wonderful couple and the complications of their lives bind the readers heart to them.

I loved watching as Indi, Philip and Holland find themselves as they faced the hurts of their past and found healing.

The family at Muir Harbor is endearing and readers may find themselves wishing they could meet them in person.

Readers will be reminded that each of us is a work in progress and that God walks beside us in what we’d consider the mess. He works in us and through us to create His masterpiece.

If you like the mistaken identity, fake engagement, or  unexpected parenthood tropes, you may enjoy A Seaside Wonder.

A Seaside Wonder is book two in the Muir Harbor series but can be read as a standalone though there are plot threads that began in Autumn by the Sea and were not fully resolved in this one.

I received an advanced reader’s copy from the publisher through NetGalley; a positive review was not required.

About A Seaside Wonder (Muir Harbor Book 2)

In one evening, Indi’s world falls apart. Enter the shy professor her family mistakes for her fiancé…make that ex-fiancé.

Professor Philip West never wanted to return to Maine . . . or his grandfather’s miserable old house. But after his mother’s death, he’s now the guardian of a teenage half sister who doesn’t want anything to do with him. He longs to help her heal, but he’s exhausted and numb, desperate for relief of his own. Maybe that’s why he’s so easily distracted when he happens upon the little shop with an intriguing owner—one who happens to share a name with someone from his grandfather’s mysterious past.

More than a decade has passed since Indi Muir made the heartbreaking decision she’s never recovered from—though she’s certainly tried. She has a full life running her shop and creating the artsy pieces that fill its shelves. If she can just stay busy, she’ll keep her hurt and regret at bay. But when her ex-fiancé returns to Muir Harbor, he brings news that shatters her carefully built walls. Things only get worse when lurking danger comes calling at her childhood home.

The one bright spot amid Indi’s turmoil is the shy stranger who wandered into her shop months ago and his moody but lovable sister. As she confronts her past and the mysterious threat facing her family, she’s intent on helping Philip win over his sister. He just might win over Indi, too, if they can overcome old secrets and wounds, outrun rising peril . . . and take a chance on love.

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About Melissa Tagg

Melissa Tagg is the USA Today bestselling, Christy and Carol Award-winning author of swoony and hope-filled small-town contemporary romances. She’s also a former reporter, current nonprofit marketing strategist, and total Iowa girl.

Melissa has taught at multiple national writing conferences, as well as workshops and women’s retreats. When she’s not happily lost in someone else’s book or plugging away her on own, she can be found spoiling her nieces and nephews, watching old movies, and daydreaming about her next fictional hero. Connect with Melissa at melissatagg.com.

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