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After She Falls Review

After She Falls was a challenging story to read as it dealt with some hard topics. Adri was an upcoming mixed-martial arts fighter before she fell in love with Owen. Their relationship was physically abusive and there wasn’t any room for her dreams so she gave it up.

When she walked away from him, she had to face all the people she had left behind and that had a lot of angst. There were some persons who were welcoming but in a lot of cases she had disappointed people or broken their hearts.

I liked watching Adri grow in her faith and in her confidence as she trained to become a fighter again. Yet there were times when she annoyed me because she didn’t seem to know her own mind. She wanted both Max and Owen and sent Max a lot of mixed signals. I also did not like that there was an element of cheating since her relationship with Max progressed beyond the borders of friendship while she was still married to Owen.

Max also grew in his faith and his character matured over the course of this book. He went from “God doesn’t exist” to “Jesus is my Savior” and it was done in a way that was realistic. He explored the idea of God, took the time to read the Bible and ask questions.

The fights were described in gruesome detail which may be not be to everyone’s taste, but gave the book a realistic feel. After She Falls was well-written and compelling.

Readers will be reminded that God is real. He exists and we can trust Him even when bad things happen.

Readers will also be reminded that the Holy Spirit has a transforming effect on those who receive Him.

I received an advanced reader’s copy from the publisher through NetGalley; a positive review was not required.

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About After She Falls

After an abusive relationship derails her plans, Adri Rivera struggles to regain her independence and achieve her dream of becoming an MMA fighter. She gets a second chance, but the man who offers it to her is Max Lyons-her former training partner, whomshe left heartbroken years before. As she fights for her future, will Adri be able to confront her past?

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Carmen Schober writes inspirational romance for the modern woman.

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