Andre's Proposal Scene His Perfect Choice

Andre’s Proposal

Andre’s Proposal is a bonus short story for the main characters in His Perfect Choice. Enjoy!

Chapter One


Lavender Smith flittered to the window overlooking the yard for the fourth time in two minutes and peered out.

Jessica paused the video she was watching on her phone to stare at her mom. “Are you okay?”

“Of course.” Lavender whirled in a flutter of purple fabric. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Jess pointed to the window. “You keep looking outside. Are you sure you’ll be fine by yourself?”

Jessica and her boyfriend, Andre Meyers, were going on a camping trip.

“I can always cancel and stay here with you.”

“No!” Lavender’s hands flew up. “You can’t stay here!”

Jessica’s eyebrows shot up. Okay, her mother was normally high-strung, but this was a bit much, even for Lavender.

“Are you trying to get rid of me?”

“No.” Lavender tittered. “It’s just that Andre has put a lot of effort into this weekend.”

“Alright.” Jess folded her arms across her chest. “What’s going on? Did he say something to you?”

Lavender adopted an innocent expression and blinked several times. “Doesn’t he always plan your dates well? He’s always so prepared when he comes over.” Lavender drifted back to the window.

Jessica wasn’t convinced, but short of shaking her, she couldn’t think of any way to get the truth out of Lavender.

She drew in a breath. Everything would be fine. She loved Andre, and he loved her. He wouldn’t invite her to Green Mountain Peak to break up with her, would he?

Please, God, don’t let that be his plan.

Chapter Two


Andre pulled over out of sight of Lavender and Jessica’s house. After Jessica’s aunt Debbie died, she rented out her house and moved in with Lavender.

It had made seeing her easier as it was a shorter commute, but it made privacy scarce since Lavender was almost always somewhere in the house when he visited.

He’d had to get creative to plan dates that gave them privacy without leaving too much room for temptation. Jessica was a beautiful woman.

Andre gripped the steering wheel tighter. “This is it, God. I’m asking Jessica to be my wife.” He’d prayed about it for weeks. They’d only been dating for a few months, but he knew what he wanted. It had always been her.

“Please let her say yes.”

Andre had been in love with Jessica for most of his life, but until recently, she’d been emotionally unavailable.

His phone chimed with an incoming text.

Jessica: Are you almost here?

Andre: Yes.

Jessica: Good. If you don’t get here soon, Lavender will wear a path on the living room floor.

Jessica: She’s even more anxious about this weekend than I am.

Had Lavender given away his secret? He’d told her his intention to marry Jessica and asked for her blessing. The woman’s tearful response had been a balm. He should hurry.

The last thing he wanted was for his proposal to be thwarted by his hopefully soon-to-be mother-in-law.

Chapter Three


Jessica straightened in her seat. “I thought we were going to our usual camping spot.”

“We are.”

She scanned the scenery. They had deviated from the familiar path and she had no clue where they were headed. “This is not the way we usually take.”

Andre glanced away from the road to smirk at her. “It is if you’re staying in the cabins.”

“We never stay in the cabins.”

“Okay.” Andre put on the indicator. “If you want to sleep in a tent—”

“No. The cabins will be fine.”

Andre chuckled. “Thought so.”

Was this why her mother had been acting weird? Had Andre told Lavender they’d be staying in the cabins?

Why would that make her mom nervous? Jessica mentally shrugged. It was Lavender. Her mom never did what anyone expected. The impossibility of her guessing her mother’s motivations made her chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” Andre pulled into a large parking lot.

“Nothing. I was trying to figure out why Mom was acting weird, then realized I’m still clueless about how her mind works.”

“You could worry about Lavender,” Andre opened the door for her. “Or you could be fully present here with me.” He leaned in for a kiss.

Jess twined her arms around his neck. “I choose you.”

“Good.” His lips met hers and Jessica forgot everything except how much she loved him.

Chapter Four


Andre dropped his gear in his cabin and hurried to meet Jessica. She grinned at him as he approached.

“We are never camping in the woods again.”

“Are you sure?”

She quirked a brow. “You can’t upgrade a girl to a Green Mountain cabin and expect her to go back to sleeping on the ground.”

“Can I invite this anti-woods girl to take a walk with me?”

“Sure.” Jess drew the word out. “We can walk in the woods as long as we come back so I can sleep in my nice comfy bed.”

He held out a hand. “Deal.”

She slid her hand into his, and he tugged her against his side. He loved this woman.

He entwined his fingers in hers as they set out. They said nothing as they strolled along the path, and Andre used the time to pray.

“Andre,” Jessica tugged on his arm. “I think we should go another way.”

He looked down at her. “Why?”

She pointed. “Someone’s already here.”

He stared where she pointed. A blanket was on the ground with a picnic basket at one end.

“I want to see this.” He moved closer, but Jessica resisted.

“No. What if they come while we’re there and think we’re trying to steal their food or something?”

He turned to her, cradling her face between his hands. “Baby, I promise that we’ll leave if someone comes. I just want to see what they did.”

Jess nibbled on her bottom lip. “It is kinda cool.”

“So, we’ll go a little closer?”

She nodded. “But if anyone gets mad at us, I’m blaming you.”

Andre laughed. “Fair enough.”

Chapter Five


Jess tightened her grip on Andre’s fingers. Please, Lord, don’t let anyone catch us snooping.

Even as she prayed, the person’s effort to create ambiance impressed her. They’d strung lights between two trees and pinned what appeared to be pictures between them.

She stopped. “This is far enough.”

“Nearer,” Andre murmured close to her ear. “Don’t you want to see the pictures?”

She glanced around them. They were alone.

“Two seconds. I refuse to be known as the Interloping Couple.”

Andre snickered. “I’ll be your lookout. Go. Take pictures and then you can tell me about it.”

She dropped Andre’s hand and crept closer. Was she being an idiot? Jess gasped as she stared at the first photo. She and Andre were cheek to cheek, grinning at the camera.

She scanned the photos. They were all snapshots of her and Andre. A photo journal of their relationship.

“Andre?” She spun. He was on his knee, a ring box in his hand.

Jessica’s hand flew to her mouth. “Babe?”

“Jess, I’ve been in love with you for more than half my life. These past few months with you have been better than I dreamed they could be.”

A corner of his mouth tipped up. “And I’ve spent a lot of time dreaming about us. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

Tears spilled down Jessica’s cheeks. “Yes. Yes!” She stuck out her hand, and he slid a white gold engagement ring onto her finger.

She’d spent years searching for the ideal man, thinking she knew the qualities of a perfect husband.

This man was everything she hadn’t realized she needed. A friend. Her supporter. A man who pursued God with his whole heart. A man who encouraged her to do the same.

Andre stood and cupped her face, using his thumbs to brush away her tears. “I love you, Jessica. You’ve made me the happiest person on Green Mountain Peak today.”

Jessica leaned into his embrace. “I disagree because you’re no way near as happy as I am. I’ve found the perfect husband.” She murmured the last word against his lips.

This man was her perfect choice, and she was delighted to spend the rest of her life with him.

* * *

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