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Author Interview with Chamu Kateya

Today on the blog, we’re featuring Chamu Kateya. get comfortable as you learn more about this Christian author.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: My name is Chamu Kateya. I am an indie author of non-fiction Christian material in the Bible Studies/spiritual growth category. I am an evangelist by calling with the teaching grace of the gospel of Christ. I am aged 48 years, married, and a father of three.

So far, I have written the Trumpet of Truth devotional series comprising three booklets, and I have also self-published four books; Kingdom Insights – Royal Lessons from the Book of Esther, Lose to Gain Christ, Foundations for Faith, and Steps to Salvation.

I am a regular writer and columnist for Shuzia Christian Online Magazine.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

A: In 2002, I was a member of a certain denominational church. I loved studying the Bible and was actively involved in church activities. I was elected the church secretary and began writing compelling letters that pleased the church and its leadership. I was given preaching opportunities and began putting my lessons on paper and sharing them with the congregants.

In 2007, I worked for a Life Assurance company and I used to share scriptures daily via email as devotional messages. One day, an intern thanked me for a message I had shared the previous day. She had forwarded the message and It saved her friend from committing suicide.

This motivated me and I felt a greater purpose in writing. In 2010 I was gifted over 80 Christian books by a friend in South Africa. I fell in love with Christian books and my knowledge and understanding of the Word improved gradually.

In 2011 when WhatsApp came to Zimbabwe, I began sharing daily messages in a group and later on thought it wiser to write a booklet that can last the passage of time. That was the birth of my published writing career. I wrote my first devotional and friends and church members received it well.

Q: You published Steps to Salvation in December 2022. What is the idea behind it?

A: I have always been winning souls to Christ over the past decade. I believe it is the grace of God. And I have come to realize that many Christians do not have the full information about how to win their friends, neighbours, or relatives to the Kingdom of God.

Many people would rather invite people to their church to meet their Pastor for the salvation message. So this book is an evangelistic tool meant to close the gap, equipping every disciple of Christ to execute the Great Commission.

And for people in secluded places like prisons and hospitals, this book can speak to someone, and bring them to the foot of the Cross for a heart-to-heart meeting with the Saviour.

Q: How long did it take you to write Steps to Salvation?

A: I took about three months to write the book from September to November 2022. Then my editor worked on it for about two weeks. I amended it, worked on the book cover design, and launched it on 18 December 2022.

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Q: Share a little of your writing process with us.

A: When God gives me a message to write, He usually puts a title in my heart. In this case, as early as January 2022, I had the prompting to write about Salvation.

Many times, I had dreams in different places preaching and teaching about salvation. I prayed about it for some time until I had a framework on what topics to include in the book.

Immediately, I went to my laptop, typed in the book title, the chapters, and sub contents, and began writing the first chapter. I typed on my own as the words come and usually, I did it late in the night when everyone is asleep.

When I complete a chapter, I would revisit it for self-editing and refine my draft before moving on to the next chapter. During the writing process, I spent much of my time in Bible study and prayer.

After completing the book, I forwarded my manuscript to my Bishop for the foreword and then to the editor. After the editorial work, I incorporated the amendments and suggestions. Then I gave it to my street team for proofreading and edited what the editor could have missed.

I requested reviews from my launch team and then worked on the book cover design and blurb

Q: What is the one takeaway you would want readers to have after reading Steps to Salvation?

A: I want non-believers to receive salvation and become disciples of Christ – not converts. And I would want believers to win more souls to Christ.

Q: What’s next on the agenda for you?

A: I am going to spend my time marketing and distributing copies as much as I can. And I am waiting on the Lord to teach the message from this and other books wherever I am invited.

Q: If you could only read one format of books for the rest of your life, what format would it be and why?

A: I would prefer the paperback edition because I am a bit old-fashioned and would love to highlight and write small comments in the book with my pen. I also love the sound of the pages as I turn to another page in the middle of a quiet night. By the way, I have a bookshelf, and a hard copy is a constant reminder that I own the book.

Steps to Salvation Chamu Kateya

About Steps to Salvation

Do you always intend to good, but helplessly end up doing the bad things that you would later on regret? Or, is your life a cycle of mishaps, disappointment, and failure? Are you sick and tired of being in and out of prison or hospital every now and then? Have you tried all the pleasures of life but still feel dissatisfied? Have you achieved it all but still feel void? Are you certain of your destiny on your last breath? Whatever your predicament is, Steps To Salvation unveils God’s redemptive plan to mankind. It addresses the plight of every man from the root, step by step demonstrating;

  • What caused a corrupt world.
  • How sin brought death and human suffering.
  • Why you need a Saviour.
  • What’s in the salvation package.
  • Why you need to be baptised with both, water and the Holy Spirit.
  • How the renewal of the mind transforms your life.
Author Chamu Kateya

About Chamu Kateya

Chamu Kateya is a writer and author of Christian non-fiction material in the Bible Studies inspirational or personal growth genre. He has published seven books and regularly writes for Shuzia, a Christian online monthly magazine. He wears many hats, and among them, an evangelist, a teacher of the gospel, and an entrepreneur.

Chamu believes that God has called him to win the lost into Christ’s Kingdom and establish disciples with sound doctrine for spiritual growth. He enjoys farming, traveling, listening to gospel music, and watching Christian movies.

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