Blue Skies Blue Eyes, Cali Black

Blue Skies, Blue Eyes Review

Blue Skies, Blue Eyes is Cali Black’s debut novel and introduces the community of Blue Skies, Montana.

Clay and Carrie met as teenagers and shared a moment that had a lingering impact on Clay. Twenty years later, Carrie is back in Blue Skies and Clay is determined to have his happily-ever-after with her.

When you first meet Clay,  it seems like he’s going to be a grumpy neighbor. This image quickly crumbles when you realize Clay is more knight than grump. He went out of his way to make sure that Carrie was comfortable and well taken care of at the cottage.

Carrie had a major traumatic event in her past and needed the kind of care Clay lavished on her.

Together, Clay and Carrie made a sweet couple, bringing out the best in each other.

Blue Skies Blue Eyes was a sweet read with some laugh out loud funny moments.

Readers will be reminded of the importance of being honest because lies can destroy even plans made with the best intentions.

They will also be reminded of the importance of forgiveness. Unforgiveness eeks away at you and robs you of enjoying present and future blessings.

I received an advanced reader’s copy from the author; a positive review was not required.

If you enjoy books with cowboys, secrets, or a shared past, you may enjoy Blue Skies Blue Eyes.

About Blue Skies, Blue Eyes

The last time she was in Blue Sky, her world turned upside down.

Twenty years later, Carrie Carter is back in Montana to fix up her family’s long-abandoned cabin and ready it for sale. Laying some painful memories to rest in the process is an unpleasantry she’s prepared for but meeting her neighbor on the first night is a surprise. A hot, handsome-cowboy kind of surprise. 

Clay West, son of one of Montana’s most successful ranchers, has big dreams, and his fame on the rodeo circuit as an amateur bull rider has him believing he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Well, almost anything. He’s ready to settle down but can’t seem to find the right woman.  

Until an accident on a snowy night brings him face to face with his past.

When Clay stops to help the stranger on the road, it doesn’t take long to realize she’s the girl he had a crush on when he was fifteen. He’s never forgotten her. Why doesn’t she remember him?

Unable to make sense of it, he doesn’t fill in the blanks for her, even while hoping to rekindle their old spark and make her fall in love with him. When she learns the truth, his plan spirals in the blink of an eye, and he has to come to grips with a situation he can’t control. 

In book one of the four-book Blue Sky Series, come visit the small town of Blue Sky, Montana, and get to know the Wests, a family full of faith and love. Find out the lengths Clay goes to for the woman of his dreams and the steps Carrie takes to heal old wounds—all so that she and the handsome cowboy with the blue eyes can find the love they are both dreaming of.

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About Cali Black

Cali Black is a wife, a homeschooling mother of three, a Christian, and a sweet contemporary western romance author. 

Cali has long been enamored with country living and with the American West. 

Wide open spaces inspire her and there’s something about a grassy field with a bunch of cattle grazing off in the distance that she finds beautiful.

Crop fields anyone? A sight soothing to her soul.

She incorporates locations and activities into her books that she has experienced or would still like to experience. Yes, Montana is on the bucket list!

Her writing goal is simply to tell the stories that are in her heart. As she dares to launch them out in the world, she hopes that a few readers, somewhere will enjoy them. Maybe one of those readers will be you.

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