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Bookish Quote: Doctorshipped

Show up in your discomfort, and your comfort zone will adjust itself. – Doctorshipped, Savannah Scott

I love this idea—that the boundaries placed on us by others do not limit us. Not even the ones we place or even ourselves. The key is to do things that make us uncomfortable.

Doctorshipped, Savannah Scott

Another way to think of this is “Do it scared.” How many things would people have failed to accomplish if they’d waited until they were comfortable to try?

Would the first aircraft have been built?
Would we have trains? Electricity? Cellphones or computers?
What would life have been like if those innovators hadn’t been willing to push beyond the established boundaries, maybe even some self-imposed ones, to try something new?

Let’s apply this thought to the area of your calling or spiritual gift.

Are you pressing boldly forward as you fan your gift into a flame?

Or are you shrinking back in fear, afraid to occupy the space God created for you to inhabit?

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Doctorshipped by Savannah Scott

About the Book

I’m the absolute last remaining single woman in the entire town of Bordeaux.
Okay, maybe not the very last.
Just the last one with all her teeth, natural hair color, and the ability to remember where I set my keys.

I decided years ago that I’m going to remain single until my dying day.
I’ll infuse a new, hip meaning into the term “old cat lady.”
I don’t need a man.
I’ve got my bulldog, my cats and some of the best friends in the world.
My cup’s not half-full—It’s overflowing.

My man-free life is going along fine until the day I walk into my new job as a part-time tutor to the daughter of the new doctor in town. The sight of this man is making my skin tingle and my breath hitch, and something very much like butterflies are erupting in my stomach.
I don’t do butterflies over a man.

My reaction doesn’t mean I need to change my stance on men. After all, Grant’s a broody, stern, cantankerous man. If I were going to start dating, it certainly wouldn’t be someone who obviously hasn’t smiled since he was forced to for school pictures.

But then his daughter walks in the room and his face lights up.
That smile. Who knew swooning was a real thing?
Still, I’m not dating. And that’s final.

Doctorshipped is a laugh-out-loud, small-town, grumpy-sunshine romcom with a broody single-dad book boyfriend who has a heart of gold, and a found-family friend group. You’ll get all the sizzle you ever wanted in a closed-door romance with a happily ever after that will leave you smiling!

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