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God is capable of redeeming those messy, painful parts of our history. He’s able to use them to bring glory to His name. – Draw Closer: 52 Weekly Devotions, Aminata Coote

I’m sure many of us will admit that we all have things in our pasts that we’d like to change. Parts of our story where we acted foolishly or rashly.

Where we lashed out when we should have asked questions. Rushed ahead when we should have waited.

Many of us, if given a token for a time machine, would love to go back and change that one moment we believe had been pivotal to the lives we currently lead. Except…

Would we be who we are now without those messy places? Would we have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior if not for those hard parts in our lives?

Would we truly understand the power of grace and the love God has for us without them?

That’s the thing about God. He works things out for our good.

Every event—even the messy, painful ones—is an opportunity for Him to reveal His glory.
For Him to draw close to us and show us how much He cares.
To give us a testimony and ministry to meet another person in need.

But God can’t use those moments if we don’t turn them over to Him.
He can’t make beauty out of our ashes if we keep clinging to them.

No. We have to turn them over to Him and trust that He will use them for His glory.
Will use them to show someone, maybe us, how much He cares.

What painful, messy parts of your life do you need to release into the loving hands of God?

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Draw Closer: 52 Week Devotional Journal for Women, by Aminata Coote

About the Book

Where do you go when you’re struggling for answers? The Bible is God’s gift to us. It offers us comfort, strength, and hope.

You long for a more meaningful devotional time, but sometimes it’s hard to find 15 minutes every day. Draw Closer has 52 weekly devotionals. Complete one devotional each week when you have time or over the course of several days. Each devotional has a portion of Scripture that invites you to go deeper into the Word of God.

Draw Closer is ideal for those who…

  • crave a closer relationship with God
  • long for actionable steps to take after reading the Bible
  • struggle to find time daily to complete a devotional.

Draw Closer includes:

  • 52 weekly devotions
  • thought-provoking questions that invite you to think about what you’ve read
  • space for journaling
  • a weekly challenge so you can take action on what you’ve read

When you buy Draw Closer for yourself or a loved one, you’ll experience the gift of spending time with your Heavenly Father. Scripture is life-changing and gives you the power of connection. You’ll experience the joy and peace that comes from spending time with God.

Purchase Draw Closer on Amazon

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