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Bookish Quote: Embracing Destiny

Your negative self-perception can lead you back into captivity. – Embracing Destiny, C Ruth Taylor

I’m sure if you ask anyone if they wanted to be free, they’d probably say yes. So why then do we often speak negative things over our lives?

C Ruth Taylor, Embracing Destiny

The Bible tells us that God has many positive things to say about His children.

We are His beloved.
The apple of His eye.
His children
The redeemed.

He knit us together in our mothers’ wombs.
He has tattooed our names on the palm of His hands and numbered every hair on our heads.
He pursues us with an everlasting love.
There is no place on heaven, earth, or hell that we can go and be outside of His presence, yet…

Too often, we believe what the enemy says about us.
We believe ourselves to be unworthy. Undeserving. Unlovable. Hopeless.

We help the enemy do his job and tell ourselves lies about who we are.

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We speak death when we should speak life.
Claim defeat when we should claim victory.
Choose despair instead of hope.

And then we wonder why the chains that bound us are not loosened.

The words we speak over ourselves and the lies we choose to have a powerful impact on the quality of our lives.

Why then do we choose the negative instead of the positive?

You are Destined for Greatness. It’s Time to Stop Playing Small. Embrace Your Destiny.

Embracing Destiny, by C. Ruth Taylor

About the Book

Embracing Destiny is a series of personal and biblical reflections to inspire you to walk in your greatness. It is inspired by the life of Caleb, a leader in ancient Israel, who waited 45 years to walk in his destiny. In these pep talks, personal transformation coach, C. Ruth Taylor helps you to discover:

The true meaning of greatness.

How to stop comparing yourself with others.
Insights and strategies to walk in your divine destiny.
Get your copy of this short inspirational read and walk in your divine destiny.

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