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Bookish Quote: Face Your Fears

Our ‘good enough’ comes from God. It doesn’t matter what we don’t have according to earthly standards; we are complete in Jesus (Colossians 2: 10). – Face Your Fears: Choose Faith Over Fear Aminata Coote

Do you struggle with the belief that you’re not good enough?

Maybe not all the time.

Face Your Fears: Choose Faith Over Fear Aminata Coote Quote

Maybe it’s a fleeting emotion when you see someone succeeding in an area where you’ve failed. Maybe it happens when you realize you didn’t accomplish all the things you thought you would.

This feeling of inferiority is one the enemy uses to trip us up all the time.

It was hidden in the lie he whispered to Eve: You’re not good enough to be like God—not unless you eat from the forbidden tree.

It was hidden in Judah’s actions toward Tamar. After he’d told her to wait in her father’s house until his third son had grown up, he didn’t call her once the boy had reached adulthood. You’re not good enough to marry my son…not after the other two died because of you.

Oh, sweet friend, our good enough is not based on the circumstances of your birth. It’s not based on what people say about you or how you feel. Your “good enough” comes from God.

It comes from the blood of Jesus Christ spilled for you on the cross.

Jesus died to save you from your sins and to reconcile you with God–that is what makes you good enough.

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Face Your Fears: Choose Faith Over Fear, by Aminata Coote

About Face Your Fears: Choose Faith Over Fear

Is fear preventing you from living the life that you desire?

It may be time to face your fears. This 7-day walk will challenge you to:

  • Identify your fears
  • Look at how specific fears may be hampering your growth
  • Choose faith over fear

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