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Bookish Quote: She Reigns

No one may know your deepest, darkest secrets, thoughts, and feelings, but God sees you for who you really are. He cares that we don’t remain the same.

Do you need a reminder that God sees you?

Keeping up appearances can get exhausting in a minute, but you don’t have to worry about that with God.

He knows your deepest, darkest thoughts. Every secret. Every action.

Your motivations and desires are not hidden from Him.

And still He loves you.

Still, He pursues you with an everlasting love.

Still, He draws you toward Himself.

Don’t hide from God. He wants to make your life infinitely better by giving you the gift of eternal life.

If you’re a believer, God has given you a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. Yet how often do you feel assaulted by fear, worry, anxiety, or negative thoughts?

About the Book

Unpacking personal heartbreaks, struggles, and never shared before confessions, Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien gives you an intimately empowering look at how to reign over your thoughts and feelings as God intended. Snippets of her journal entries will assure you that you’re not alone and will encourage you to speak God’s promises in spite of what you see and feel. You will be given the weapons to identify your triggers, take negative thoughts and debilitating emotions captive, and posture your heart for delight.

Trials and dangers may abound, but you are a queen who does not cower in the face of difficulty. By God’s power, you can reign supreme over your inner world.

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