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7 Inspiring Books About Redemption

I love reading books about redemption. They remind me that God is still working and that no matter what I’ve done, if I’m willing to submit to God, He can redeem what seems lost. These xx books about redemption are a great addition to any Christian fiction collection.

Hangin’ By A Moment, by Andrea Christenson, Susan May Warren

Winston’s mistake landed him in prison. When he came out, he wanted it behind him so much that he no longer wanted to be called by his old name. When he moved to Deep Haven, he asked everyone to call him by his middle name, Jack. But secrets have a way of finding us and Jack was no exception.

When his past resurfaced, everything Jack had been building fell apart. In Jack’s mind, that was exactly as he deserved. He didn’t believe that he deserved a second chance. But redemption showed up in the form of people who wouldn’t let him accept the negative label he had applied to himself. Jack experienced the healing power of people who accepted him even with his less-than-exemplary past.

I’ll Be Home, by Toni Shiloh

What could be worse than being laid off right before the holidays? For Starr Lewis that would include returning home jobless, single, and, oh yeah, just in time to attend her sister’s wedding on Christmas Eve… to Starr’s ex-boyfriend. In the midst of it all, her brother’s best friend soon has her wondering if she can take another chance on love.

His Perfect Match, by Aminata Coote

They were two people who should not fall in love. But God had other plans.

Communications consultant Brianna McPherson would have a much better chance of rallying her fledgling business if her family would stop sending her customers who believed in the barter system. She needs paying clients or will have to close her firm.

Daniel Hutchinson’s church is in trouble. He has less than three months to get an influx of members or close their doors for good. When a friend suggests the free help of a brand manager, he jumps at the chance. He never expected to fall for the feisty consultant.

The last thing she needs is another non-paying client. Especially not the handsome pastor who’s messing with her head and making her feel all kinds of ways. If they can’t make this partnership work, they’ll both be out of a job.

But what if there’s something greater at stake? Like an unforgettable love.

His Perfect Match is the first book of a Christian romance series set in Orange Valley that will remind you that God is interested in every aspect of your life, including whom you fall in love with.

Dangerous Amish Showdown, by Mary Alford

When Mason Shetler is forced to hide from the men who want to kill his witness in his former Amish colony, he did so because he had no other choice. Though he had been thinking of returning to his faith, Mason felt as if he had done too many evil things to be forgiven. He would learn that God is capable of redeeming even the worst of sinners…God could redeem him.

The Mistletoe Countess, by Pepper Basham

Mistletoe is beautiful and dangerous, much like the woman from Lord Frederick’s Percy’s past, so when he turns over a new leaf and arranges to marry for his estate, instead of his heart, he never expects the wrong bride to be the right choice.

Gracelynn Ferguson never expected to take her elder sister’s place as a Christmas bride, but when she’s thrust into the choice, she will trust in her faithful novels and overactive imagination to help her not only win Frederick’s heart but also to solve the murder mystery of Havensbrook Hall before the ghosts from Frederick’s past ruin her fairytale future. 

Phoebe and the Rock of Ages, by Becky Doughty

A wild child. A Preacher man. A forgotten shared past that’s going to set off all kinds of fireworks when their two worlds collide.

Phoebe has been running wild for most of her life. A gifted and passionate artist, she portrays life the way she sees it, but her jaded perspective is borne out of disillusionment, betrayal, and heartbreaking loss.

Rather than face the past and deal with all the reasons she keeps running, Phoebe charges full throttle into the future, never investing in anything – or anyone – for longer than it takes to finish a job.

When Trevor, a charming, talented musician, causes a roadblock she can’t find a way around, Phoebe’s fast-paced life comes to a screeching halt.

Just when she thinks she’s getting back on track, a family emergency stirs up painful memories long ago laid to rest, and Phoebe suddenly has nowhere left to run.

Will she find the courage to remove her discolored filters so she can truly see herself – her past, her future – and love, the way things really are?

If you like family sagas, women’s relationships, and series about sisters, you’ll love Phoebe & the Rock of Ages and the rest of The Gustafson Girls series. Clean and Wholesome, Christian Contemporary Romance with Themes of Forgiveness, Restoration, and all things Family.

To Save A King, by Rachel Hauck

Gemma had done things in her past that she was ashamed of…things she kept hidden because she felt the stain of them even though it had been years ago. But over the course of the story, she comes to realize that God is able to redeem her. God makes all things new and He can create beauty from the ashes of her past.

Prince John also needed a bit of redemption. When one thinks about a king, we usually think of them as being in control, but all of us are in need of a Savior. Prince John also learned that he had a Redeemer, one who could make something beautiful out of even the most difficult things he had experienced.

I love the reminder that no matter what we’ve done, we’re redeemable. God can restore what was lost and use all things for good. What do you enjoy reading in books about redemption?

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