Behind the Story: His Perfect Match, by Aminata Coote

Behind the Story: His Perfect Match

His Perfect Match began with a single idea. What if a blue-haired girl fell in love with a pastor? What would their love story look like and how would they overcome all their obstacles?

Why Does She Have Blue Hair?

You may wonder, why blue hair or what does blue hair mean to me?

Well, I live in a country that’s still somewhat conservative. Certain hair colors are not worn in the church, schools, or even in an office environment. Every employer I’ve worked with includes a line in their employee handbook that, while employees may color their hair, it must be a color that “naturally occurs in nature”. Some have even stated what shades are allowed.

The idea of a blue-haired woman conjures up someone who’s bold enough to defy conventions…but what if she’s not? What if she’s just someone who’s been hurt and has found a way to mask her pain?

She’d need someone who could see beyond her shield to her true self. Even better, he’d coax her from behind her shell and get her to engage with others as her authentic self.

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Themes and Tropes in His Perfect Match

When Brianna and Daniel meet, each of them has to re-evaluate how they judge others (and yes, we’re told not to judge, but we still do). This lesson of not judging others based on their appearance is one that several of the characters in His Perfect Match have to learn. They will have to challenge their beliefs and the status quo in order to break through the barrier to acceptance and truth.

His Perfect Match is a forbidden love romance. Brianna and Daniel had so many obstacles keeping them apart that their love story shouldn’t have happened, but God…

He doesn’t see people the way we do. He looks at the heart. And when we humble ourselves before Him, He holds up a mirror that allows us to see our true selves. Not as others see us or even how we see ourselves—He lets us see ourselves through His eyes, which changes everything.

His Perfect Match is also a redemption story—a reminder that none of us is beyond grace and every one of us deserves to be loved.

About His Perfect Match

His Perfect Match, by Aminata Coote

Brianna McPherson’s doing fine, thank you very much. She has her dream job as a communications consultant. All she needs now are some paying clients. 

So what if her family keeps sending her customers who believe in the bartering system when what she needs is cold hard cash? She’ll make things work. As always. She doesn’t need some preacher messing up her head or causing her to feel all kinds of things.

Daniel Hutchinson is in trouble. His church needs an infusion of members or it will have to close its doors. For good. When a friend suggests he hires a brand manager, he knows it’s a good idea but can’t afford it. 

When he learns, he can get the help for free, he jumps at the chance. What he does not expect is to start falling for the feisty brand manager.

His Perfect Match is book one in the Orange Valley series and released on February 24, 2023, and is now available for purchase.

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