Bookish Quotes

Bookish Quotes

Bookish Quote: Countdown

“I think I’m going through a questioning phase right now. Like I believe God is who he says he is. I do. I guess I just don’t understand why some people seem to have perfect lives where nothing bad ever happens, and other people seem to walk under the proverbial rain cloud.” – Countdown, Lynette …

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Bookish Quotes

Bookish Quote: Royal

Because we are ambassadors for Christ, we represent Him wherever we go. Whether or not people know we are Christians, we show them who Christ is through our actions and words. – Royal: Life Lessons from the Book of Esther, Aminata Coote Okay, let’s talk about something we may not like to think about. Have …

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Bookish Quotes

Bookish Quote: Double the Lies

“A church isn’t the building—it’s all the people who struggle in it. Good, bad, and otherwise.” – Double the Lies, Patricia Raybon Have you ever heard someone say they’re not attending church because they don’t like the people who go there? Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. The church is full of hypocrites.These people are …

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