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Do you love contemporary fiction books? Check out these reviews to see if you can find a book for your TBR.

Trace of Doubt by Diann Mills quote

Trace of Doubt

Trace of Doubt by Dianna Mills follows Shelby Pearce, a released convict who finds herself fighting to retain her freedom and her life. When Shelby Pearce is released from prison, she thought she could have a semblance of a normal life. After all, she had spent 15 years behind bars and the system deemed her …

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Something Good by Vanessa Miller quote

Something Good Review

Something Good by Vanessa Miller is a story of redemption. Alexis Marshall’s accident with Jon-Jon Robinson left him paralyzed and devoid of the future he’d been planning for.  The stress of caring for him put his parents at odds with each other and tension in the household is thick. Marquita Lewis has her own problems. …

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Autumn by the Sea quote by Melissa Tagg

Autumn by the Sea

Melissa Tagg’s Autumn by the Sea begins a new series set in Muir Harbor. My Review of Autumn by the Sea When Sydney gets an invitation to spend time in Muir Harbor with the woman who might be her grandmother, she thinks it’s a long shot but she decides to go anyway. What she didn’t expect …

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