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Driven by Sara Davison

Driven Review

I was drawn into Driven by Sara Davison immediately. Holden and his wife Christina had a crisis on the first few pages and this event colors the rest of the story. My Review of Driven When Holden, Jax, and Mikayla travel to Chicago to get a glimpse of a child they thought had been abducted …

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Nicole by Sarah Monzon

Nicole Review

Nicole is the third book in the Sewing in SoCal series by Sarah Monzon and follows the story of Nicole and Drew. When I first met the character Nicole (way back when I was reading Molly) she struck me as a crusader. She was always on some cause lambasting those who did not feel, or …

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Jocelyn Review

A cattle ranch is not the best place for a corporate retreat, is it? It’s certainly no place for a romance between a city girl and a cattle rancher. Jocelyn by Sarah Monzon is the story of Jocelyn and Malachi and it’s such a sweet one.   My Review of Jocelyn by Sarah Monzon When …

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