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Do you love romance comedy books? Check out these reviews to see if you can find a book for your TBR.

Doctorshipped, Savannah Scott quote

Doctorshipped Review

What happens when the always optimistic, determined to remain single woman meets the handsome grump of her dreams? In Doctorshipped by Savannah Scott, Jamie meets the one man who may threaten her single status. Okay, full disclaimer: I love grumpy sunshine books, and this one was both charming and sweet. Grant may just be the

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Censorshipped, by Savannah Scott quote

Censorshipped Review

Censorshipped by Savannah Scott is a fun, flirty, best friend’s sister romance. Shannon has been crushing on her brother’s best friend for years, but because of the million reasons they shouldn’t be together, she tries to get over her crush. This book was truly entertaining and, at times, laugh out loud funny. It was watching

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Nicole by Sarah Monzon

Nicole Review

Nicole is the third book in the Sewing in SoCal series by Sarah Monzon and follows the story of Nicole and Drew. When I first met the character Nicole (way back when I was reading Molly) she struck me as a crusader. She was always on some cause lambasting those who did not feel, or

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Jocelyn Review

A cattle ranch is not the best place for a corporate retreat, is it? It’s certainly no place for a romance between a city girl and a cattle rancher. Jocelyn by Sarah Monzon is the story of Jocelyn and Malachi and it’s such a sweet one.   My Review of Jocelyn by Sarah Monzon When

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Molly Sarah Monzon

Molly Review

How honest is too honest? This question is thoroughly explored in Sarah Monzon’s Molly. Molly has a problem. She cannot tell a lie (well, it’s more that she chooses not to lie). but truth-telling is not without consequences one of which is Molly’s job as an assistant teacher. About Molly: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (Sewing

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