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Do you love mystery / suspense books? Check out these reviews and maybe you’ll find a book for your TBR.

Expired Vows, by Laura Conaway & Lisa Phillips

Expired Vows Review

In Expired Vows, by Laura Conaway & Lisa Phillips, we spend time with Trace Bently who’s struggling to put his past behind him. When the EMTs are called in for a hostage situation, Trace comes face to face with a woman from his past. This book was an adrenaline rush filled with twists and turns. […]

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The Dark Guest, by Sarah Hamaker

The Dark Guest Review

The Dark Guest is the first book in Sarah Hamaker’s series, The Cold War Legacy. Violet Lundy enjoys her friendship with Rainer Kopecek, an elderly resident of the assisted living facility where she works. When he dies unexpectedly, she suspects foul play. Her path crosses with Dr. Henry Silverton, who teaches and writes about the

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26 Below, Kimberly Woodhouse

26 Below Review

What happens if a disaster happens when the Alaskan temperature dips below zero? That’s the premise Kimberly Woodhouse explores in 26 Below. The concept of 26 Below was fascinating: what if there was a cybersecurity threat when the temperatures dip below freezing? Are the authorities prepared to handle it? In this day and age when

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Break of Day, Colleen Coble

Break of Day Review

In Break of Day by Colleen Coble, Annie Pederson’s life looks like it’s finally coming together, but danger still lurks in Rock Harbor, and this time, it’s after her. So many things happened in Break of Day as Annie, Jon, and Mason drew closer to the truth. Break of Day is the final installment in

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Expired Hope by Lisa Phillips and Megan Besing quote

Expired Hope Review

What happens when what should have been a simple counseling session gets complicated? How will the therapist respond when she’s the one who needs help? In Expired Hope by Lisa Phillips and Megan Besing these are some of the topics explored. I wasn’t sure what to expect after never having read one of the Expired

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Fallout, Carrie Stuart Parks

Fallout Review

When an SUV crashes into the school where Samantha’s teaching, everything that can go wrong, does. The accident begins a journey where Samantha has to determine what is truth while fighting to stay alive. It was an interesting premise but I struggled to connect with the characters and though there was a  lot going on,

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Crossfire, Lynette Eason quote

Crossfire Review

Julianna’s job as a hostage negotiator for the FBI gets complicated when a hostage taker fixated on her. Crossfire by Lynette Eason is the second installation in the Extreme Measures series. Ms. Eason plunges  us into the action from the opening scene. We get a good glimpse of what a typical day for Julianna was

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