Character Intro Mac

Character Introduction: Mac

I’m so excited for you to meet Mac, the love interest in His Perfect Wife. If you read my behind-the-story post for this book, you already know that Mac spent several months with another name (he was initially called Thomas), but I’ll allow Mac to tell you about himself.


Q: Introduce yourself to the readers.

A: My name is Malcolm Hall but I answer to Mac.

I’m my mother’s favorite son, though if you ask her, I’m sure my younger sister Keke would find a way to disagree. I’m married to Tonya and we have three beautiful children.

*raises eyebrows*

All boys.

Can you imagine what it’s like in my house?

Q: What’s your biggest failure—and what did you learn from that experience?

A: I can’t think of a single big failure. What I can think of are several medium-sized ones that happened around the same time and caused some major issues. Would that work?


*takes a deep breath*

When Tonya and I were dating, the first time, I thought we’d end up getting married.


Well, obviously we did, but there was a gap in our story. I made a decision for us that resulted in us being apart for four years.

I did that a lot. I made choices for my mother, my sister, Tonya…

At the end of the day, I learned that I needed to let God be God. He doesn’t need my help, and all I do is cause more trouble in the long run. When I think I’m helping, I’m doing more damage than I realize.

Q: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

A: Oh, that’s easy. It happened a few months after my dad had walked out and my mom was having a rough time of it.

*swipes hands down his face*

Anyway. Keke decides we should bake cookies to cheer her up, only she didn’t want any help.

*chuckles softly*

Turned my back for one second. Keke must have put some baking soda into the batter, not realizing I’d snuck some in already. She always forgets to add it, you know?

Worst cookies in the world. You should have seen my Mom’s face after she’d taken a bite.

*shoulders shake with laughter*

Well, those cookies shook her right out of her mood and into the kitchen, which she made us clean up.

And when she was done, she made melting moment cookies.

*makes chef’s kiss*

Best way to eat cereal if you ask me.

Q: How did you meet your spouse/significant other?

A: On a job site. I was working for her older brother and she showed up on a construction site with a hamper of food. She stepped onto the scene as if she was the boss and challenged me about the boundaries I was trying to enforce for her safety.

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?


A: Orange Valley. Why would I want to live anywhere else?

My family and friends are here, the beach is nearby…not that I get to go as often as I’d like and the food is exceptional!

*strokes chin*

Although…if I could convince the wife to move…maybe I’d move to New Zealand. I hear they have a great quality of life and would be a good place to raise a family.


Besides, the countryside is beautiful, and they have one of the best running trails in the world.

Q: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

*raises eyebrows*

A: You can’t tell? My sister Keke calls me an extroverted introvert.

She claims that I’m as silent as a mouse until someone stirs me up or gives me a mike, and then you can’t shut me up.

Q: Who has been your most important professional mentor?

A: Francis Hutchinson. Pastor Hutch is not only the reason I’m a better pastor; he’s the reason I became one in the first place. He saw an angry teenager who needed a father figure and stepped in to do just that. I wouldn’t be who I am without him.

Q: What are three books you’d recommend to my audience and why?

A: The first book would be the Bible because I’m a pastor and I have to say that.

*laughs out loud*

Seriously though, it’s a book that will change your life. If you let it. I believe everyone, especially Christians, should read it from cover to cover at least once.

*raises a hand*

Now I’m not telling you to read it in a year or even two years, but if you read one chapter a day every day, it will take you about 3 1/2 years to finish.

The second book they should read is Befriending Your Monsters by Luke Norsworthy. I know it’s a strange title, but it’s about facing your fears so you can live a more abundant life.

*arches brow*

The third book you should read is His Perfect Wife.


You knew I was going to say that.

Still, they should read it. It’s a good story and your audience will benefit from the reminder that God can work all things out for good.


Well, there you have it. You got to spend a few minutes talking to Mac Hall. His love story is featured in His Perfect Wife, which you can read for free by subscribing to the newsletter.

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Character Introduction: Malcolm Hall
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