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Character Takeover: Brianna McPherson

Brianna, visits us to share her thoughts about her brother marrying her best friend.



I’m getting a new sister! Okay, technically, that’s not true because it’s not like my parents are having another child, eww! But my brother is getting married.

*holds up a hand

Before you remind me that I have three brothers and two of them are already married…

*rolls eyes

And that I don’t consider Paul’s or Everton’s wives as my sisters, let me explain.

*inhales excitedly, exhales sentence in the next breath

Theo’s getting married to my best friend.


I know.

*takes a deep breath

This is one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

His Perfect Wife Newsletter Page

Who Am I?

My name’s Brianna Hutchinson, nee McPherson, and I am just thrilled at the idea that Gabrielle Wright-Wallace, soon-to-be McPherson is going to be my sister.


I’m conveniently dropping the in-law part. And, I also get to call Caleb my nephew. Officially. How cool is that?

Reasons to Read His Perfect Family

I don’t know about you, but I love stories where the girl falls in love with her best friend’s brother…especially when they have a shared past. I found out recently that Theo and Gaby had a thing while she was in college.

*waves a hand

It started because I may or may not have been avoiding him when he came to visit me, but we don’t need to talk about that. Let’s focus on the now.

My brother has an instant family, and Caleb is so adorable, I know it will just be a matter of time before they become the perfect family.

*waves hand

Anyway, His Perfect Family is now available for pre-order, so I’m sure you want to put your order in now so it loads onto your device early on May 26, 2023.

His Perfect Family, by Aminata Coote

About His Perfect Family

She needs a husband to keep her son; he needs a chance to win her heart.

Gabrielle Wallace is a strong and determined single mother fighting for custody of her son, but complications arise when her former flame, Theodore McPherson, enters the picture.

Theodore is a 6ft 2 inches firefighter who once let Gabrielle slip away and is now determined to make up for his past mistake.

When he discovers Gabrielle needs to be married to retain custody of her son, he volunteers to be her groom, hoping to convince her they can have a forever kind of love.

Their path to ultimate happiness is filled with struggles and hurdles they must overcome to unearth the profound love that God has prepared for them.

Will they be able to put aside their past and find happiness together, or will their differences tear them apart once again?

Find out in His Perfect Family. Follow Gabrielle and Theodore on their journey of second chances, love, and redemption in this heartwarming tale.

His Perfect Family is book two of a Christian romance series set in Orange Valley that will remind you that God is interested in every aspect of your life, including whom you fall in love with.

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