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Character Takeover: Brianna

Today, we’re spending some time with Brianna McPherson, the main character in His Perfect Match.



Hi, I’m Brianna McPherson. I’ve been checking Ami’s page to see who has already spent time with you, so I have a pretty good idea of what they’ve said about me. Did they tell you I was a rebel? That I didn’t care about anyone but myself? 


I hope you don’t judge people based on how they look or because they don’t meet your expectations or standards…

And I’m doing a poor job of introducing myself. Let me start again.

My name is Brianna McPherson, I’m the youngest child of Bruce and Yvonne McPherson. I have three older brothers and an older sister. Actually, I have two sisters, but only one of them is a blood relative. 

His Perfect Wife Newsletter Page

Who am I?

Gabrielle Wright-Wallace is my best friend and the sister of my heart. The two of us work together at Eyes and Ears which is my communications consultancy agency. I’m passionate about helping small businesses learn how to present themselves in the most marketable light. If only I knew how to say no…

That’s how I ended up working with Daniel, er sorry, Pastor Hutchinson. Have you seen him? It should be illegal for pastors to look the way he does. It would be much easier for my peace of mind if he were stodgy and old. And ugly.

Unfortunately, he’s not.

And I spend way too much time thinking about him and wishing I were the type of woman he’d be attracted to.

Why I’m All Wrong for Daniel

I can hear your thoughts. You’re wondering how a girl like me could fall in love with a pastor. I mean, we have nothing in common. Do I look like the type of woman who’s going to be the Women’s Ministries Director? 

That’s my sister, Tonya. Or even my friend Gabrielle. 

*rolls eyes*

I’m sure if you ask Jessica, she’ll tell you she’s the best Women’s Ministries Director that ever lived in the history of women’s ministry, but I digress. 

Did you know today’s February 22nd? In two days, you’ll be able to purchase a copy of His Perfect Match and read the full story for yourself.

His Perfect Match, by Aminata Coote

About His Perfect Match (Orange Valley, Book 1)

They were two people who should not fall in love. But God had other plans.

Communications consultant Brianna McPherson would have a much better chance of rallying her fledgling business if her family would stop sending her customers who believed in the barter system. She needs paying clients or will have to close her firm.

Daniel Hutchinson’s church is in trouble. He has less than three months to get an influx of members or close their doors for good. When a friend suggests the free help of a brand manager, he jumps at the chance. He never expected to fall for the feisty consultant.

The last thing she needs is another non-paying client. Especially not the handsome pastor who’s messing with her head and making her feel all kinds of ways. If they can’t make this partnership work, they’ll both be out of a job.

But what if there’s something greater at stake? Like an unforgettable love.

His Perfect Match is the first book of a Christian romance series set in Orange Valley that will remind you that God is interested in every aspect of your life, including whom you fall in love with.

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