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Character Takeover: Caleb & Tonya

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday!

What is wacky about this Wednesday, you might ask?

It’s where the characters from my books take over my blog and social media accounts so you can get to know them. Happening every Wednesday until launch day (I think…they’re my characters but I don’t control them.)


Introduction: Caleb

*Caleb runs excitedly on screen

I have a new daddy! I have a new daddy! And he’s this big.

*stretches hand as far over his head as possible

Bigger! He’s a fireman, so he spends all day outing fires.

*mimes putting out a fire with a hose 

Theo and I watch docu-docu…

*wrinkles nose

Serious shows about animals and trains and stuff. Do you know what sound a dinosaur makes?

*makes a roaring sound while pretending to be a dinosaur 

Plus, he reads! He never gets tired of reading the same story like Mummy does.


He makes the best reading noises. Better than Mummy.

*looks worried

That’s a secret. You can’t tell Mummy or she’ll be sad.

*glances over his shoulder and puts a finger to his lips

I’m playing hide and seek with Auntie Tonya. Don’t tell her you saw me.

*runs off


Introduction: Tonya

*Tonya dashes frantically on screen

Did you see a little boy pass through here? He’s about this tall and is wearing a blue and white striped shirt.

*holds hand about waist high

Never mind. It would be just my luck that Caleb goes missing when it was my turn to watch him.

*looks directly at you

Have you ever been happy about something but, at the same time, apprehensive about how things will change? That’s me right now.

*takes deep breath and exhales 

You probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

His Perfect Wife Newsletter Page

Who Am I?

My name is Tonya McPherson-Hall. I’m married to Pastor Mac.

*smiles softly

He’s the love of my life. I can honestly say that. For a time, I didn’t think we’d be together, but God worked everything out in the end.

*waves hand

This is not about me. My older brother, Theo, is getting married.


We’ve always been close and I’m happy that he’s finally found the woman of his dreams to settle down with. The thing is….

*wrinkles nose

He’s marrying our little sister’s best friend. The little boy I’m looking for is her son.

*eyes widen


*rushes off

Talk soon!

Tonya’s Fears 

I’m back. I don’t know why I thought I’d be able to manage four boys at the same time.

*shakes head

I’ll never do that again.

*swipes hand over face

Who am I kidding? I’d do anything for Theo and that includes watching his new stepson, even if I’m a little bit jealous of his future wife.

*squints eyes

I’m not upset about their marriage, it’s just that…


Remember how I said Theo was marrying our sister’s best friend?

Well, Brianna and Gaby have always been close whereas the two of us were not. Until recently, Brianna went out of her way to avoid me and our family.

*shakes head

Funny how things can seem so obvious in retrospect. What if..? What if…?

Okay, I’m just going to say it. What if Brianna loves Gabrielle more than me?

No, that’s not quite right. I already know Brianna loves Gaby more than she loves me. But, what if now that Gaby is actually her sister, she doesn’t need me anymore? 

*remains pensive for a few moments before straightening her shoulders and forcing an upbeat expression 

None of that matters because it’s about Gaby and Theo and Caleb. You can read all about their story in His Perfect Family which releases on May 26, 2023.

His Perfect Family, by Aminata Coote

About His Perfect Family

She needs a husband to keep her son; he needs a chance to win her heart.

Gabrielle Wallace is a strong and determined single mother fighting for custody of her son, but complications arise when her former flame, Theodore McPherson, enters the picture.

Theodore is a 6ft 2 inches firefighter who once let Gabrielle slip away and is now determined to make up for his past mistake.

When he discovers Gabrielle needs to be married to retain custody of her son, he volunteers to be her groom, hoping to convince her they can have a forever kind of love.

Their path to ultimate happiness is filled with struggles and hurdles they must overcome to unearth the profound love that God has prepared for them.

Will they be able to put aside their past and find happiness together, or will their differences tear them apart once again?

Find out in His Perfect Family. Follow Gabrielle and Theodore on their journey of second chances, love, and redemption in this heartwarming tale.

His Perfect Family is book two of a Christian romance series set in Orange Valley that will remind you that God is interested in every aspect of your life, including whom you fall in love with.

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