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Character Takeover: Daniel Hutchinson

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday!

What is wacky about this Wednesday, you might ask?

It’s where the characters from my books take over my blog and social media accounts so you can get to know them. Happening every Wednesday until launch day (I think…they’re my characters but I don’t control them.)



Do you believe God created the perfect partner for everyone? I do. At least for those of us who were meant to get married.


Some people excel at singleness because that’s how God created them. And the rest of us…


As the apostle Paul says, better to marry than to burn. Anyway, when God created Adam, He also created Eve because he knew the man needed an ezer. Someone to help him and to encourage him through life.

*baleful look

I know there are lots of things you want to say in response to that, but this is supposed to be a conversation starter, not a sermon.


And I’m a pastor so you don’t want to get me started. But I truly believe each of us have our perfect match. That’s what I’ve been trying to convince my friend, Andre.

He’s given up on finding love. Isn’t that sad?

His Perfect Wife Newsletter Page

Your Perfect Match

Here’s the thing about finding your perfect match: how do you know when you’ve found the right person?

Sometimes the wrong people appear to have the characteristics of a perfect partner.

*strokes chin

Take Jessica Smith, for example. A couple of years ago, she served as the pastor’s assistant at my church. She served in several ministries and was active in the church.

My mother and Jessica were convinced that she’d be the perfect pastor’s wife.

*eyes widened

For me. But we had no connection. Zero. Zilch. In fact…

*mock shudders

I wanted nothing to do with her. Why? Because God hadn’t intended for us to be together in that way.

So, what makes a partner perfect for you?

*arches brow

Come on, I’ve been hinting at it all day.

*waits for a response

Exactly! The perfect match for you is the person God created for you to spend your life with.

Now, obviously, there are going to be signs. You may find that you have a connection with someone who seems to make no sense. Or you may be drawn to them for some inexplicable reason.


But the way to confirm that is to spend time with God in meditation and prayer. The devil loves to create counterfeits, and the last thing you want to do is marry the wrong person.

Don’t rush into it. Don’t let pressure from friends or family, or even your biological clock, rush you into marrying someone other than the person God created for you.

You can read more about Jessica in His Perfect Choice which releases on August 25, 2023.

His Perfect Choice, by Aminata Coote

About His Perfect Choice

He’s loved her from a distance, but she’s too blind to see it. Can he prove that he’s the man of her dreams?

Jessica Smith has always prided herself on being in control. But when her vision of being the perfect pastor’s wife falls apart, she’s forced to confront her vulnerability. As she battles weakness and fatigue, she attributes it to a stubborn cold until a diagnosis of Guillain-Barré Syndrome shakes her world. Determined to overcome the illness, she’s thrown into a challenging journey with her physical therapist, Andre Meyers.

Andre has been in love with Jessica for years but watched her chase after someone who didn’t know she existed. When he’s assigned as her therapist, Andre sees this as a chance to show her how much she means to him. As they work together, they must confront their past and discover that God can use brokenness to create a beautiful ending.

Will they take a chance on each other and find their happily ever after? Find out in this heartwarming tale of hope, faith, and second chances.

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