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Character Takeover: John and Martha Evans

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday!

What is wacky about this Wednesday, you might ask?

It’s where the characters from my books take over my blog and social media accounts so you can get to know them. Happening every Wednesday until launch day (I think…they’re my characters but I don’t control them.)


It’s Jessica’s Fault

Martha Evans: I blame Jessica. She’s the reason our boy isn’t already married with a trio of children. Andre has only ever had eyes for her. And did she notice him? No. 

She was too busy angling after that Hutchinson boy to notice anyone else.

Embarrassed herself over the man, too.

*shakes her head

I tell you, in my days, a woman would never chase a man the way Jessica panted after Daniel…and him having no interest in her.

And the minute he started dating that blue-haired girl, she disappeared. Resigned all her positions in the church, stopped attending services.

If it wasn’t for the few times I saw her in town, I’d have thought she’d moved out of Orange Valley. 

*looks heavenward 

Now she’s sick.

People In Love Are Foolish

John Evans: My wife is upset because Andre’s upset. Well, not upset exactly. 

*strokes chin

More like, sad. The boy puts on a good show but we’re not fooled. We’ve been around him since he was a child. He’s as familiar to us as our own son…

Not that God has blessed us with children, but if He had, he would have been like Andre.

*nods head

Some of what Martha said was true. Andre has always been in love with that girl and she’s never paid him any mind.

I think that’s because a person sometimes doesn’t know what’s good for them. I’m sure you know someone who fell in love with the wrong person.

Or didn’t realize the love of their life was right in front of them.

*shakes head

Sometimes people can be mixed up fools. Especially when it comes to love.

His Perfect Wife Newsletter Page

God Is Mighty

Martha: My husband says I was uncharitable about Jessica the last time I was here.

John: You were.

*Martha gives John the stink eye.

Martha: He doesn’t understand. That boy has gone through more than his fair share of heartbreak, I just want him to be lucky in love. 

John: The boy’s fine, Martha. He’s stronger than you think.

*Martha purses mouth

Martha: I guess. 

*John takes Martha’s hand in his

John: Don’t forget that we serve a mighty God. He’s able to turn even the worst things in our lives into blessings.

Martha: I guess.

*John kisses his wife on the cheek

John: I know

Martha: Maybe we should read the book to see what happens.

*John grins at his wife

John: Now you’re talking!

Martha: His Perfect Choice releases on August 25, 2023, and is now available for pre-order. 

His Perfect Choice, by Aminata Coote

About His Perfect Choice

He’s loved her from a distance, but she’s too blind to see it. Can he prove that he’s the man of her dreams?

Jessica Smith has always prided herself on being in control. But when her vision of being the perfect pastor’s wife falls apart, she’s forced to confront her vulnerability. As she battles weakness and fatigue, she attributes it to a stubborn cold until a diagnosis of Guillain-Barré Syndrome shakes her world. Determined to overcome the illness, she’s thrown into a challenging journey with her physical therapist, Andre Meyers.

Andre has been in love with Jessica for years but watched her chase after someone who didn’t know she existed. When he’s assigned as her therapist, Andre sees this as a chance to show her how much she means to him. As they work together, they must confront their past and discover that God can use brokenness to create a beautiful ending.

Will they take a chance on each other and find their happily ever after? Find out in this heartwarming tale of hope, faith, and second chances.

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