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Character Takeover: Keke & Marion Hall

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday!

What is wacky about this Wednesday, you might ask?

It’s where the characters from my books take over my blog and social media accounts so you can get to know them. Happening every Wednesday until launch day (I think…they’re my characters but I don’t control them.)


Introduction: KeKe

Did my sister-in-law come through here? Oh sorry, I’m Meredith Hall. 

*makes a face* 

Of course, if you want us to be friends, you won’t call me that. You’ll call me Keke. I’m Mac’s younger sister and I have to tell you, I’m much smarter than he is. 

*laughs out loud*

My mom and I are sharing today’s Wacky Wednesday with some fairly exciting news…


His Perfect Wife Newsletter Page

Introduction: Marion

Hello, is this thing on?

Yes? Okay.

*takes a deep breath* 

My name is Marion Hall—mother of Mac and Keke, two of the best children in the world. 


My children tell me to stop because I’m embarrassing them. Well, I can’t help it if I’m a proud momma. We had it hard for a while, but God is good and He got us through more than one rough patch. 

Is this where I’m supposed to do the thing? What was it again?

Cover Reveal

This is Keke again. I’m back to save you from my mom. Love you, too, Momma. But, we had one thing to do today. Well, two if you count introducing ourselves. 

It’s time to reveal the cover for His Perfect Match. Are you ready? Here it is. Ta-da!

His Perfect Match, by Aminata Coote

I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. What do you think? And the story inside is even better.

His Perfect Match, by Aminata Coote

About His Perfect Match (Orange Valley, Book 1)

They were two people who should not fall in love. But God had other plans.

Communications consultant Brianna McPherson would have a much better chance of rallying her fledgling business if her family would stop sending her customers who believed in the barter system. She needs paying clients or will have to close her firm.

Daniel Hutchinson’s church is in trouble. He has less than three months to get an influx of members or close their doors for good. When a friend suggests the free help of a brand manager, he jumps at the chance. He never expected to fall for the feisty consultant.

The last thing she needs is another non-paying client. Especially not the handsome pastor who’s messing with her head and making her feel all kinds of ways. If they can’t make this partnership work, they’ll both be out of a job.

But what if there’s something greater at stake? Like an unforgettable love.

His Perfect Match is the first book of a Christian romance series set in Orange Valley that will remind you that God is interested in every aspect of your life, including whom you fall in love with.

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