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Character Takeover: Sandra and Phillip Wright

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday!

What is wacky about this Wednesday, you might ask?

It’s where the characters from my books take over my blog and social media accounts so you can get to know them. Happening every Wednesday until launch day (I think…they’re my characters but I don’t control them.)



Sandra: My daughter just sent me an email to let me know she was getting married. An email! Can you imagine?

Okay, so maybe emails are the best way to contact us while we’re in the middle of the ocean, but still.


I just don’t know what to believe about this marriage. I didn’t even know she was dating someone. It’s a mystery alright, and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.

Phillip: Ignore my wife. Gabrielle is a grown woman. She can marry whomever she wants.

*punches palm

But if he hurts her, he’ll have me to deal with.

Who Are We? 

Sandra: I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now. We’re Gabrielle’s parents. I’m Sandra Wright and this is my husband Phillip. We’re dentists. 

*Sandra titters

Well, he’s a dentist and I’m his assistant, but I like to think of us as a team. I’m still concerned about this marriage…

What if this Theodore doesn’t take good care of my Gabrielle? 

*leans forward, eyes wide

What if he’s mean to Caleb?

*purses lips

If he so much as makes a single teardrop form in the eyes of my daughter or my precious grandchild, he’ll find out that not even an ocean can keep us apart.

*Phillip harrumphs in agreement

Maybe He’s Not So Bad…

Sandra: Ooh, I’ve finally met my new son-in-law…e-met. He’s a handsome one. I can see why Gaby is so caught up with him.

And he is just the sweetest with Caleb. He let me sit in on their story time…

*shakes head

Let me tell you, any man who can read the same story six times in a row without even a hint of annoyance has got my vote.


Wait. Suppose he’s pretending?

Phillip: He’s a good boy. Mannerly. Career firefighter. He’ll take good care of our girl.

Sandra: I suppose you’re right. 

*perks up

I know how we can find out if he’s right for her—let’s read the book! His Perfect Family releases on May 26, 2023. I’m sure if we read it, we’ll find out everything about Gaby and Theo’s marriage.

His Perfect Family, by Aminata Coote

About His Perfect Family

She needs a husband to keep her son; he needs a chance to win her heart.

Gabrielle Wallace is a strong and determined single mother fighting for custody of her son, but complications arise when her former flame, Theodore McPherson, enters the picture.

Theodore is a 6ft 2 inches firefighter who once let Gabrielle slip away and is now determined to make up for his past mistake.

When he discovers Gabrielle needs to be married to retain custody of her son, he volunteers to be her groom, hoping to convince her they can have a forever kind of love.

Their path to ultimate happiness is filled with struggles and hurdles they must overcome to unearth the profound love that God has prepared for them.

Will they be able to put aside their past and find happiness together, or will their differences tear them apart once again?

Find out in His Perfect Family. Follow Gabrielle and Theodore on their journey of second chances, love, and redemption in this heartwarming tale.

His Perfect Family is book two of a Christian romance series set in Orange Valley that will remind you that God is interested in every aspect of your life, including whom you fall in love with.

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