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3 Heartwarming Best Friend’s Sister Romance Books

Picture this scenario: a guy falls in love…with his best friend’s sister! Can you imagine the angst?

I love reading books where the guy falls in love with his best friend’s sister because there’s so much room for drama. 

Sometimes, the brother’s best friend had no interest in his best friend’s sister until one day…he can’t take his eyes off her. She’s all he thinks about. 

Or maybe he was interested in her all along but had to keep things cool for various reasons. One of which is usually that his best friend would not be cool with the idea of him dating his sister.

Here are some books that fall into the best friend’s sister category.

Reviving Their Love: Small Town Paramedic, Best Friend’s Sister, by Jenna Brandt 

His best friend’s sister is barely back in town when tragedy strikes.

It’s not easy keeping the secret that Aaron once had a summer fling with his best friend’s little sister. Every time he sees her on social media, he wonders if she hadn’t returned to college last fall, would they’ve ended up married? Now, she’s back and he wants to ask for another shot, but his chance is cut short when she’s in a near-fatal car accident and wakes up with amnesia.

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Bailey James can’t remember who she is, or anything from her past. The people claiming to be her family feel like strangers, and the only person she finds vaguely familiar is the handsome paramedic that rescued her from her sinking car. The doctor tells her it’s a good idea to spend time with her brother’s best friend, but Aaron behaves odd around her and she can’t figure out why. At least until she finds her old journals filled with details about their secret passion-filled relationship. Is that why she’s so attracted to him, or is it because the love she secretly felt for him, never went away?

You’ll love this suspenseful romance from award-winning and bestselling author, Jenna Brandt, because everyone loves to see a struggling hero find his way to a happily ever after.

So You Love Your Best Friend’s Sister: A Christian billionaire workplace romance, by Elizabeth Maddrey 

Ryan Foster considers Christopher Ward his honorary brother, which probably makes Jess his annoying little sister, too. So when Chris asked about finding Jess a job to keep her on the straight and narrow, Ryan made it happen. Bailing her out as a friend was better than trying to explain the decidedly un-brotherly thoughts in his head.

Jessica Ward grew up tagging along with her big brother and his best friend Ryan. Now, she spends her days fixing cybersecurity holes as part of Ryan’s team. He doesn’t need to know she hasn’t given up her late-night hacking activities. Or that she’s been in love with him since she was fourteen.

When Jess and Ryan must collaborate and compete for a big promotion, they both struggle to keep their feelings under wraps and concentrate on the task at hand. Between the job, their friendship, and their relationships with Christopher, revealing their hearts would put a lot on the line. Is the risk worth the reward?

Best Friend’s Sister At The Cowboy Billionaire Ranch: A Sweet Clean Cowboy Billionaire Romance, by Hanna Hart 

When cowboy billionaire Blake gives Penny a job at his ranch, he has no idea that her secret could destroy his dreams.

Since his beloved wife’s death, Blake has been raising his nine-month-old son by himself.

That is until Penny showed up in Pine Springs.

His best friend’s sister captivates him more than he’d thought possible and she’s definitely off-limits.

And to make her even more intriguing, Penny is hiding something.

Penny’s painful past has followed her to Pine Springs. Her ex-husband has moved back into town.

He wants her back, but there’s a problem, she only has eyes for Blake.

Penny is now stuck between her hurtful past and her forbidden future.

Blake wants the only thing she can’t give him – More children.

Penny wants something that would be even harder to get – Her brother’s acceptance.

Their love is forbidden and ridden with secrets, but could destiny assist them in their happily ever after?

Which one of these best friend’s sister books have you read? What books would you love to see on this list?

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