Contemporary marriage of convenience

7 Binge-Worthy Contemporary Marriage of Convenience Romances

Do you love marriage of convenience romances? Okay, since it’s a romance, it’s a dead giveaway that the couple’s going to fall in love, but watching them move from convenience (or inconvenience) to something more is sweet to watch. Regardless of the couple’s reason for getting married, they are usually more surprised than we are when love walks in.

Here are some Christian contemporary marriage of convenience romances for you to check out.

Everything Behind Us: A Heartfelt Christian Romance, by Jennifer Rodewald

Connor Murphy lives by a code of honor and service.
Dignified, duty-bound, and responsible, he’s spent the past eight years as a single enlisted airman, determined never to mess up another person’s life the way he did Sadie’s. As long as he follows orders, does his job well, and avoids romantic entanglements, he’ll do just fine. Of course, that last part was easier before Sadie rolled back into town.

Sadie Allen never intended to return to Sugar Pine.

Her hometown hosts too much regret—but she can’t face her health crisis alone. Not with a four-year-old depending on her. Even so, Connor Murphy’s proposal of a marriage of convenience wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. She can’t fault his reasoning—her prognosis is grim and her son could use a father—but her heart aches at the thought of a marriage without romance. Especially to the one man she’s never gotten over.

The day-to-day challenges of Sadie’s illness are enough to strain the strongest relationships, let alone one hastily conceived in the shadow of past mistakes. Will the pressure be too much for their marriage to withstand?

Or will they allow God to forge something beautiful through their pain?

The Contract: A Sweet, Small-Town, Marriage of Convenience, Military Romance, by Jess Mastorakos

It started as a marriage of convenience, then turned into so much more.

Zoe Katsaros is one of my best friends. She’s also a fellow Marine who has my respect as well as my admiration after what we went through on deployment together.

The one thing I never thought she’d have? My last name.

But my family will lose everything if I don’t find a way to pull in some extra money, and her dad is trying to push her into an old-school arranged marriage with a guy she doesn’t even like, let alone love.

Thanks to dual-military benefits and my willingness to embrace her Greek family’s traditions, a contract marriage between friends might be the perfect way to solve both of our problems.

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But married life might not be all it’s cracked up to be, even when it’s with your best friend. We come from different worlds and even though that’s never mattered before … it matters now.

She can teach me to Greek dance and how to pronounce the names of their favorite foods, but how can I be the husband her family wants me to be when my own family has only shown me what not to do?

One thing’s for sure: being married to Zoe might have started as a means to an end, but I’ll stop at nothing to make it so much more.

His Radiant Bride, by Autumn Macarthur

She’s sworn off love. He wants to give his daughter a loving home. Neither of them wants to risk their heart. It should be a perfect marriage.

After her fiancé dumped her just weeks before the wedding, elementary school teacher Rebecca “Rusty” Matthews vowed never to fall in love again. She’s completely happy with her life in small-town Sweetapple Falls, Oregon. If marriage and a family aren’t part of God’s plan for her life, she’s fine with that. She has her work, her faith, her friends, and chocolate. Who needs romance?

Reluctantly divorced mechanic Tom Davis suddenly becomes a full-time father again when his ex-wife leaves their ten-year-old daughter, Ava, with him. Tom wants to help his beloved child settle back into life in Sweetapple Falls, but it seems his ex-wife was right—he only understands machines, not emotions. Managing Ava’s moods and outbursts after her life is torn apart for the second time are beyond him. He turns to the one person his daughter trusts. Her Sunday school teacher, Rusty.

A marriage of convenience will give Ava the loving, stable home she needs. But will Tom lose them both when he falls in love with the woman he married who could just be his ideal bride?

An Unlikely Proposal (Love Inspired) Kindle Edition, by Toni Shiloh

Their friendship can survive almost anything…

For two best friends,

marriage could be their greatest test yet…

Trinity Davis must not have heard firefighter Omar Young correctly. Did her handsome widowed best friend just suggest they get married? Omar needs a mom for his adorable little girls, and it’ll fix Trinity’s financial woes. But saying “I do” isn’t just business. Especially when the only vow they’re in danger of breaking is their promise to not fall in love…

His Perfect Family: A Contemporary Christian Marriage of Convenience Romance, by Aminata Coote

Gabrielle Wallace is engaged in the battle of her life over the custody of her son. The last thing she needs is complications, especially when that complication is a 6ft 2 inches firefighter who also holds the title of the one who got away.

Theodore McPherson is sure of one thing: seven years ago he’d allowed the woman who tasted like forever to slip away. He would not make the same mistake again. When he finds out she needs to be married to retain custody of her son, he gladly volunteers to be her groom. He can only hope that he convinces her they can have a forever kind of love before she mangles his heart.

Can these two people look beyond the brokenness of their path to find the love God has for them in the future?

Receiving Jason’s Love: A Christian friends-to-love marriage-of-convenience romance, by Naima Joseph

Best friends don’t get married.

Jason Downing enjoys his role as protector and good-natured torturer of his prickly childhood best friend, Sophia.

They have an uncomplicated relationship with clearly drawn lines that are never crossed.

Until a near-death experience forces him to re-examine his life. Now he is struggling with uncomfortable feelings: a battle with PTSD, a yearning to know Jesus . . . and a love for Sophia that’s been quietly blooming.

Unless it’s for convenience.

As the daughter of a housekeeper, Sophia Velasquez grew up with one goal: Never again be poor. To secure a vote for CEO and her financial future, Sophia accepts a marriage proposal from the man she’s always been in love with, but who doesn’t love her back.

That turns to love.

Jason and Sophia find themselves on a friends-to-love, marriage-of-convenience journey that will change their outlook on faith, life, and each other. Can they surrender what was to embrace the promise of what could be?

A Heart to Redeem, by Judith McNees

Can two lonely hearts find their way to each other…and God?

Chris Morgan is the black sheep of the family. He’s leaned into the title, finding as many ways as he can to distance himself from his perfect parents and siblings. When he receives shocking news that rocks his perception of his sinful lifestyle, he needs help. Fast.

Brandi Blakely knows exactly what kind of person Chris is. When he comes to her begging for help, she agrees to marry him with one caveat. The marriage will have an expiration date. As the two work together to get custody of the little girl he has just learned about, lines blur, and hearts become involved. Brandi refuses to let Chris in and shatter her fragile heart.

When tragedy strikes, can Chris hold onto the tenuous changes he’s made, and can Brandi let go of the ugly scars from her past to see herself as a new creation in Christ?

Did you see your favorite Christian contemporary marriage of convenience romance on this list? Which one of these convenient marriage romances have you read?

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