Detecting Secrets, Sami A Abrams

Detecting Secrets Review

In Detecting Secrets, by Sami A. Abrams tackles the issue of a baby smuggling ring.

When a pregnant teen goes missing, Charlotte Bradley is called in to help search for the girl with her air-scent dog, Theo.

Sheriff Dennis Monroe and his team are also called in to investigate.

Charlotte and Dennis must race against the clock as they search for the missing girl. Someone doesn’t want them to find Hannah and will kill to prevent it.

The events in Detecting Secrets moved quickly as time was of the essence in cracking the case. Dennis was also dealing with the issue of suddenly becoming a father while trying to protect Charlotte and finding the missing girl.

Though Detecting Secrets was relatively fast-paced, I felt that there was some information that was repeated unnecessarily, like the fact that Theo was an air-scent dog and he was the best. Yet, when the time came to apply this information, the characters didn’t.

There were other things that pulled me out of the story like the characters ages which didn’t add up (pun not intended). They seemed more immature than they should have been at that age.

I enjoyed the camaraderie and friendship between Dennis and his partners. His daughter, Amelia was a precocious treasure and readers will find themselves smiling when she bursts into a scene.

Dennis’ faith was evident whereas Charlotte struggled with hers. Still, readers will be reminded that we can call on God in our trials because He is trustworthy.

He may not answer our prayers how we want Him to, but that doesn’t mean that He’s abandoned us.

If you enjoy the woman in peril, law enforcement, or protector tropes, check out Detecting Secrets.

I received an advanced reader’s copy from the publisher through Just Read Tours; a positive review was not required.

About Detecting Secrets (Deputies of Anderson County Book 3)

Tracking the scents of the missing might be the only way to save them.  

Partnered with her air-scent dog and Sheriff Dennis Monroe, marriage and family therapist Charlotte Bradley is desperate to put an end to a black-market baby smuggling ring in Anderson County. Who is kidnapping the pregnant girls she counsels and taking their babies? As Charlotte searches for answers, she and Dennis must dodge gunfire and deadly attacks. But the sinister agenda they uncover just might include her.

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About Sami A. Abrams

Award-winning, Bestselling author Sami Abrams grew up hating to read. It wasn’t until her 30’s that she found authors that captured her attention. Now, most evenings, you can find her engrossed in a Romantic Suspense. In her opinion, a crime with a little romance is the recipe for a great story.

She lives in Northern California, but she will always be a Kansas girl at heart. She has a love of sports, family, and travel. However, a cabin at Lake Tahoe writing her next story is definitely at the top of her list.

If you love romantic suspense, go to Sami’s website and sign up for her newsletter to get the inside scoop at

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