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12 Enemies to Lovers Books for Your TBR

Okay, I don’t know about you but I love a good enemies to lovers romance.  This trope is one of my favorites and I’d like to share some great Christian fiction books in this genre.

What is the Enemies to Lovers Trope?

The enemies to lovers trope is a romance where the couple starts off hating each other but fall in love. Their initial dislike can stem from anything from a misunderstanding, a shared history, or something one character had done to the other in the past.

Regardless of the reason, their relationship is initially characterized by  sassy banter, heated looks, and the occasional prank (depending on the age of the characters). But something happens and the characters begin to see the other through different lens.

Maybe they develop an attraction for each other–which they fight, of course–or they realize and admit they had been wrong. Either way, with the enemies to lovers trope there will be a lot of fun along the way.

12 Enemies to Lovers Books for Your TBR
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Recommended Enemies to Lovers Books: Christian Romance

So now that you know what the enemies to friends trope is, let’s talk about some of my favorite books in this genre.

Here to Stay Melissa Tagg

One of the first hate to love romance books I read in this genre was Here to Stay. Autumn and Blake have history and that history is spelled H A T E.

Because of their shared history they have reasons to steer clear of each other especially since this animosity exists between their families as well. But when Blake returns home, he finds himself being drawn to Autumn and wishing they had a chance at forever.

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All Through the Night by Tara Johnson

All Through The Night Tara Johnson

This started as a boy hates girl romance. When Joshua first saw Cadence, he was convinced she was nothing more than a pretty face. Needless to say he acted horribly on their first meeting. Later, he regretted it because she was nothing like he had first thought.

Their romance unfolded slowly over weeks and months of them working together and is a reminder not to judge people by their, er, covers.

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The Key to Love by Betsy St. Amant

When Gerard shows up in story to write an article for his newspaper something about him irritates Bri. Gerard is cynical about everything that Bri loves. But when she realizes he has a softer side, her hate turns to love.

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Nicole by Sarah Monzon

Drew and Nicole share the same group of friends but that’s all they have in common. Drew is happy-go-lucky and Nicole is a crusader…at least that’s how each appeared to the other.

Nicole resented how calmly Drew approached life and Drew wanted Nicole to relax and enjoy her life some more. And that’s where the sparks fly! The banter between Drew and Nicole was fun to read especially when the two characters realized their attraction to each other and started fighting it.

I loved reading this story because the relationship between Drew and Nicole slowly changed from antagonist to one that was so sweet and seems sure to stand the test of time.

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A Reluctant Belle by Beth White

Joelle and Schuyler had been locked in a fight for dominance since their youth. They butted heads as children and this antagonism only increased as they got older. In this enemies to lovers novel, the two characters are often engaged in passionate debates or arguments. It was evident to everyone that their was more to their passion than hatred.

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Spies and Sweethearts by Linda Matchett

When Gerard meets Emily, he makes a snap judgment and pit her firmly in the frivolous column. When she turns up in his class he’s not amused. Emily feels picked upon because of the way he singles her out and is determined to prove him wrong.

In this hate to love novel, the characters have to put aside their differences and work together for the greater good. Imagine their surprise when their hate starts to change into something more…

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Start With Me by Kara Isaacs

Lacey has spent the last five years trying to forget about Victor. When they meet again it’s as competitors vying to keep their position in the company. But Victor has no recollection of who Lacey is and is confounded about why she would hate him.

The animosity between these two characters is first professional then personal. Lacey has to come to terms with the fact that she had proven forgettable to the man she couldn’t get out of her mind.

It was interesting as a reader to watch the story unfold as we knew exactly why Victor couldn’t remember Lacey. The banter and animosity between the characters develop slowly into an intimate connection and pretty soon I was rooting for these two to resolve their relationship issues.

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Heart of a Warrior by Angela K. Crouch

Heart of a Warrior

Christina and Towan started out as real enemies, I mean, she tried to kill him within the first few hours of meeting him. Towan is a man caught between two cultures and identities. 

He rejects one side of his culture because he believe they had rejected him…and in some ways they had, but Towan had to learn that Christina was not to blame.

Initially, Christina animosity towards Towan stemmed from fear. There was so much she didn’t know about his culture and his people’s way of life. She hated him because she didn’t know enough about who he was.

Both characters had to overcome the prejudice that existed between them so they could express the love each felt towards the other.

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Recommended Enemies to Lovers Books: Clean Romance

P.S. I Like You by Kasie West

This sweet YA read started with boredom in Chemistry class. Lily was surprised when someone responded to the scribbled note she had written on the desk in Chemistry class. That was the beginning of a written correspondence with someone who not only got her but was a lot like her.

In real life, she and Cade can’t stand each other, so why is he not seeming like such a bad guy?

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How to Kiss Your Enemy by Amanda Ashby

Via is not the outdoorsy type but somehow, having to share the same space with her nemesis Hudson made it worse. Via spent much of her family vacation avoiding Hudson until she realized maybe she didn’t want to avoid him anymore.

Via and Hudson will draw you into their story before you even realize what’s happening. This hate to love romance is full of teenage angst and drama.

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Enemies to Lovers Books: Honourable Mentions

The books in the section met the criteria of being an enemies to lovers romance, but, while I may have enjoyed some elements of them, they didn’t make my favorites list. Still, I mention them here because they got great reviews and you may enjoy reading them.

Until I Met You by Tari Faris

Until I Met You

Austin disliked Libby almost on sight. Although, to give him credit, he was more unhappy about the situation he found himself in and also had a bunch of personal issues.

Unfortunately, a lot of his angst was directed towards Libby which made for a lot of misunderstandings and heated conversations. Soon enough, his angst turns to passion and Libby is on the receiving end of his ardor.

Fans of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy may enjoy this retelling of a popular classic. Purchase Until I Met You on Amazon | Baker Publishing

A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund

Colin was everything Juliana hated: rich and titled. When her uncle captured her father’s land and has him killed, Julianna is forced to disappear into the forest along with the impoverished people living on her land.

After three years, living as the Cloaked Bandit (basically, a female Robin Hood), Juliana robbed the wrong man. And while she wants to hate him because of his social class (and a unfortunate statement made about her when they were both children) she finds that she can’t hold on to her hatred because Colin has something uncle doesn’t: heart. But can Julianna live as a member of the nobility without becoming the thing that she hates?

The hostility between Colin and Julianna has several layers but when hate turns to love it’s a beautiful thing.

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Enemies to Lovers Books

The hate to love trope is a fun one to read. In the beginning the characters aren’t sure if they want to kiss or kill the other character which leads to a lot of tension and fun banter. When things finally change, the romance is sweeter for all the angst that came before.

What’s your favorite enemies to lovers book? Share it with me in the comments.

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