Ezra Bible Study Workbook

Bible Study Workbook on the Book of Ezra by Aminata Coote

Bible Study Workbook on the Book of Ezra

Who was Ezra and why should we care?

After the exile, the Israelites returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and the city walls. But after 70 years of living among the heathens, they had forgotten the ways of God. Ezra the scribe was sent to Jerusalem to teach the people the ways of the Lord.

The lessons in the book of Ezra stand as a testament to what the returned exiles learned as they rebuilt the city and came to understand what it meant to study God’s Law and obey Him.

Learn and live. As you study the book of Ezra, you’ll realize that those words still apply to us today. As God’s people, we have an obligation to study and obey His Word.

The Bible Study Workbook on the Book of Ezra is a self-guided Bible study for women that can be done even by those who’re new to the faith.

  • King James Version of the passage included in the workbook
  • Answer questions to get a better understanding of the text
  • Go at your own pace!

Learn and live! Get your Bible Study Workbook on the Book of Ezra and begin studying the word of God today.

The Bible Study Workbook on the Book of Ezra was published on March 9, 2022. It is part of the Taste & See Bible Study series. 


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