Read the First Chapter: Falling For Her Student’s Single Dad

Falling For Her Student's Single Dad

Anticipation thrummed along Meghann Headley’s spine as she sat in the front row of the Orange Valley High School auditorium. She scanned the room to identify the cause of the heightened sensation.

Nothing. The bright lights made it easy for Meghann to scan the rows of women swathed in formal wear. The murmur of excited chatter permeated the air, punctuated by the occasional outburst of laughter.

Meghann wished for the eagerness of the other women. “Are you sure about this?”

“Are you kidding?” Her cousin, Julia Kingston, squeezed her hand. “I’ve been saving all year for this.”

Meghann arched her brow. “You have nothing better to do with your money?”

Julia owned and operated a barber shop specializing in women’s haircuts. “Sure, but this is fun.”

“Does Uncle Al approve of your dubious hobby?”

Although considering the venue, he endorsed it. Alvin Kingston was the principal of Orange Valley High.

“Daddy’s proud of me for supporting our island’s burn center.” Julia pressed a hand to her chest and adopted an expression of exaggerated concern. “It’s a worthy cause.”

Julia fluttered her lashes in faux innocence. “If our handsome firefighters ask us to bid on them, it’s the least we can do.”

The Orange Valley Fire Department held several fundraising events. Meghann always supported them—usually by sending a contribution.

“Besides,” Julia continued, “I’ve finally convinced my mother I can find boyfriends without her help, I have to go out occasionally. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy the auction.”

Julia had strong-armed Meghann into attending the annual event. Her cousin, and best friend, was the only person who knew how ragged her emotions were after Trey.

“This is what you need to get over the bastard,” Julia muttered as if she read Meghann’s mind. “Bid on a hot bachelor and take a picture with him for your social media accounts. Let Trey know you’re not sitting around pining for him.”

Meghann dated Trey Shakes for six months before he accepted a management position at Bencotti Industries and moved to Meadowbrook.

A year later, Meghann could admit Trey’s relocation was the best thing to happen for their relationship.

Things with Trey had been amazing until they weren’t. It started as comments on how much she spent on clothes and escalated to how often she went to the hairdresser. He hated the colors she wore or the fabrics she liked.

It had gotten to where her wardrobe looked as though it belonged to different people. Dark, somber outfits for when she had a date with Trey and the bright colors and soft fabrics she enjoyed.

She allowed him to decimate her self-worth until she didn’t recognize herself. The worst thing had been the shame. She knew better.

Meghann had a degree in psychology and should have recognized the signs. The second Trey trivialized her, she should have confronted him or ended the relationship.

Instead, she stayed, becoming less like herself every day. Her chest tightened as humiliation and anxiety clawed at her.

You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.

The verse drifted through her mind, sweeping away the tension. She studied and recited that verse as she crawled out of the abyss Trey’s constant disparagement had thrown her into.

Meghann smoothed her hand along the silky fabric of her red dress. The material was cool beneath her palm. She wouldn’t allow another man to make her question her worth.

“It’s starting.” Julia directed Meghann’s attention to the stage.

A gorgeous woman with black coils spilling down her back stood center stage. Her ankle-length black dress highlighted her figure.

“Welcome to the second annual bachelor auction of the Orange Valley Fire Department. I’m Adrian and I’ll be your auctioneer.”

Adrian scanned the crowd. “Let me remind you, ladies, your donations support an important cause. If there was ever a time to spend the money you’ve been saving for that trip to Paris, it’s tonight.” She winked. “But save some for next year because we’ll be back.”

Meghann chuckled along with the audience.

“Our first bachelor is Casanova.”

The firefighter strutted across the stage as if he’d missed his calling as a performer. His gold mask made it impossible to see his face, but the man wore a suit like a male model.

“Do I have—”

Before the auctioneer could state a figure, someone in the audience shouted a bid. This continued for a while as Casanova danced and pranced across the stage.

The auctioneer chuckled when there was a lull in the bidding. “You guys are doing my job for me. Do I have…” Adrian named a figure ten percent higher than the last bid.

A woman across the aisle raised her program.

Casanova grabbed Adrian’s mic and shouted into it. “Sold!”

The auctioneer grinned at the bidder. “Sold,” Adrian confirmed, “because it’s not official until I say it.”

Casanova jumped off the stage and swept the woman who bid on him into his arms. He gave her a passionate kiss.

“Ooh, I want one of those,” Julia whispered in Meghann’s ear.

“Ladies, I can’t guarantee our other bachelors will be that enthusiastic.” Adrian chuckled. “Casanova got nervous because his girlfriend almost got outbid.”

Meghann tittered along with the audience, but Adrian’s comment raised a concern. Were any of the bachelors single?

“This next bachelor, ladies, we call Priest.”

This man was a shade taller than Casanova, and though he also wore a mask, he captured Meghann’s attention.

She raised her hand to bid before she’d made a conscious decision.

“Yes,” Julia whispered. “This is a man who will make Trey jealous.”

Meghann wasn’t concerned about Trey. She wanted to spend time with the firefighter. Something about him drew her in, and the heightened sensation was back. Meghann leaned forward, hoping to glimpse the man’s face.

“This bachelor is a genuine gentleman, ladies. I’ve been out with him and can testify to his manners.” The auctioneer winked at the firefighter.

The man turned his attention to the auctioneer, and Meghann realized Adrian’s comments annoyed him. Was this another case where the bachelor already had a girlfriend?

“He’s single, loves children, and is an excellent cook.”

Julia bumped Meghann’s hand with a grin.

“What are you doing?” Meghann glared at Julia.

“Helping you.” Julia forced Meghann’s program up just as she was about to withdraw. “I can tell you’re overthinking this. It’s one outing for charity.”

Adrian pointed at Meghann. “Sold to the woman in red!”

Meghann glanced at the auctioneer, who gave her a thumbs up. Meghann didn’t share the woman’s enthusiasm and glared at her cousin. What on earth had she done?

Falling For Her Student's Single Dad

Falling For Her Student’s Single Dad (The Firefighters of Orange Valley Book 2)

They’re supposed to work together, not fall in love.

Meghann Headley loves her job as a counselor at a prestigious Christian prep school. When a child transfers to the Academy in the middle of a school term, Meghann is furious at the parent for disrupting the child’s life—until she learns the heart-wrenching truth.

Meghann is irresistibly drawn to the child’s uncle and guardian, Levi Armstrong, a firefighter who sacrificed his dreams of love to care for his niece. As they work together to support Avery, Meghann and Levi are caught in a whirlwind of suppressed feelings and undeniable attraction.

As Meghann fights to maintain her professional boundaries, Levi struggles to balance his new responsibilities with his growing feelings for the fiery counselor. Their worlds collide in a sweet and passionate dance of love and duty.

Will Meghann and Levi overcome the obstacles standing in their way? Will they fight to become the family Avery desperately needs? Or will their fears and responsibilities tear them apart?

Falling For Her Student’s Single Dad is book two in the Firefighters of Orange Valley series. This is a Christian Contemporary Romance with strong faith themes.

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