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Do you have a teenager in your life who spends way too much time on the internet? Follow Jesus: A Christian Teen’s Guide to Navigating the Online World by Christine Carter is a conversation with that teenager on how to represent God in their online platforms.

Follow Jesus


My Review of Follow Jesus

Follow Jesus: A Christian Teen’s Guide to Navigating the Online World is a short interactive workbook is one that every Christian teen should read. It speaks about how to infuse Christian traits such as grace, integrity, love, wisdom, and faithfulness in our online identities. There are eight traits covered in the book.

Each chapter has a short discourse on what the particular Christian principle means including biblical references. Christine then gives a number of scriptural references so the teen can go deeper into the topic. She includes an interactive exercise where they can identify the Bible verse which best embodies the principle for them, and how to analyze it for personal meaning and application. There are verses to memorize for each principle. These can be torn out and used as memory aids.

She encourages the reader to set goals and challenges for each Christian principle. Teens are also encouraged to speak to a mentor about how each trait can be implemented. Then she provides a personal checklist for displaying each trait online.

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Christine is the friendly adult who cares about how the teen is representing Christ online and her voice is gentle as she walks them through each principle. I can see this book being used by youth ministries and parents who want their children to learn to be more Christ-like in their interactions on the internet.

Thanks to Ground Truth Press for an advanced copy. A positive review was not required. Have you read Follow Jesus? I’d love to know what you thought. Get your copy today!


About Follow Jesus: A Christian Teen’s Guide to Navigating the Online World 

Follow JesusIn today’s digital age, teens spend much of their time engaging on social media or surfing the web for entertainment and information. Our Christian teens need a strong faith foundation in order to Follow Jesus in the vast and often perilous online world.

This workbook was created to help your teen navigate the web with diligence and wisdom, grounded in eight essential biblical principles of the Christian faith.

Each lesson will include a detailed description of each Christian value, pertinent scripture to study, online goal-setting worksheets, checklists, and talking tips teens can use to ensure they Follow Jesus not only in their off-line lives but every time their fingers touch their screens.


About Christine Carter

Christine CarterChristine Carter has worked with teens for over thirty years as a childcare worker, music therapist, creative arts/recreation coordinator, teacher, and ministry leader. She also happens to be raising two of her own. 

She enjoys writing all about them on her blog,, and around the web. Most of all, she is passionate about helping Christian teens manage all the challenges they face with the relentless, unfailing love of Christ and prays this guide will be a valuable resource for them.

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