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For A Lifetime Review

For A Lifetime, by Gabrielle Meyer, is book three in the Timeless series and follows the lives of twin time-crossers Grace and Hope.
Grace and Hope must choose between life in 1692 and 1912.

In 1692, the twins were firsthand witnesses of the Salem Witch Trials as their father’s ordinary was the gathering place for meetings. It was also the grounds for many of the “afflictions”.

In 1912, the girls were with their time-crossing mother, Maggie, whom we met in In This Moment. They have independence and are following their dreams. Grace is a journalist, and Hope is an aviatrix.

Their 1912 path is not without strife as the twins struggle to fight to help save the orphanage run by their parents.

In both pathways, the twins must make decisions about how they will respond to their circumstances, love, and which timeline to choose.

For A Lifetime was an intriguing read with twists and turns that will keep you reading long past your bedtime.

Readers of For A Lifetime will be reminded that sometimes our choices lock us into consequences we hoped to avoid. Even so, God has plans for our lives and can use all things for His glory.

I received an advanced reader’s copy from the publisher through NetGalley. A positive review was not required.

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About For A Lifetime

Grace and Hope are identical twin sisters born with the ability to time-cross together between 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, and 1912 New York City. As their twenty-fifth birthday approaches, they will have to choose one life to keep and one to leave behind forever–no matter the cost.

In 1692, they live and work in their father’s tavern, where they must watch helplessly as the witch trials unfold in their village, threatening everyone. With the help of a handsome childhood friend, they search for the truth behind their mother’s mysterious death, risking everything to expose a secret that could save their lives–or be their undoing.

In 1912, Hope dreams of becoming one of the first female pilots in America, and Grace works as an investigative journalist, uncovering corruption and injustice. After their parents’ orphanage is threatened by an adversary, they enter a contest to complete a perilous cross-country flight under the guidance of a daring French aviator.

The sisters have already decided which timeline they will choose, but an unthinkable tragedy complicates the future they planned for themselves. As their birthday looms, how will they determine the lives–and loves–that are best for both of them?

About Gabrielle Meyer

Gabrielle Meyer lives in central Minnesota on the banks of the upper Mississippi River with her husband and four children.

As an employee of the Minnesota Historical Society, she fell in love with the rich history of her state and enjoys writing fictional stories inspired by real people, places, and events.

You can learn more about Gabrielle and her books at

Find Gabrielle on Facebook at, Pinterest at, Twitter at, Goodreads, and her Website at

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