Finding Joy in Orange Valley, Aminata Coote

Finding Joy in Orange Valley (Hearts Unveiled Book 3)

She knows he’s the one for her, now she has to convince him

The moment Willa met Ben, she knew he was the one. Yet, her heart’s certainty is overshadowed by a persistent shyness that grips her whenever he’s near. Forced to collaborate with him at basketball camp, Willa faces a daunting challenge: she has just two weeks to convince the assistant coach they’re meant to be together.

Meanwhile, Ben is still reeling from a devastating breakup. Scarred by an ex-girlfriend who dismissed his dreams, he struggles to trust that Willa won’t try to change him. At the camp, Ben finds himself drawn to Willa’s gentle spirit. But can he let go of his fears and trust that she’s God’s perfect plan for him?

As they navigate the complexities of their budding relationship, both Willa and Ben must learn to trust in God’s timing and guidance. Hindered by doubts and past hurts, they must confront their insecurities and embrace the possibility of a future together. Amidst the tumult of emotions and external pressures, they discover that true love requires faith in God’s perfect plan.

In this uplifting tale of faith and love, Willa and Ben embark on a journey of trust, learning that sometimes, the greatest blessings come to those who wait.

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