How It Began His Perfect Wife Prequel, Aminata Coote

How It Began: His Perfect Wife Prequel

When love and ambition clash, will they find common ground?

The first time Latonya McPherson met Malcolm Hall Jr., she saw forever in his eyes. Their connection is immediate and deep. As their relationship blossoms, Tonya envisions a future together, even if it means forgoing higher education.

Mac, on the brink of starting his pastoral internship, finds companionship with Tonya fulfilling—until her dreams of an immediate marriage clash with his career goals. Haunted by his mother’s regrets of sacrificing her dreams for marriage, Mac hesitates.

As differing goals create a rift, Tonya and Mac must navigate their desires and doubts. Can their love withstand the test of time and ambition?

How It Began is a Christian contemporary romance with a cliffhanger ending. Tonya and Mac’s story continues in His Perfect Wife.

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