How To Find Your Gratitude Attitude: A 21 Day Devotional

Are you struggling with gratitude? Do you find it difficult to make it through your days without complaining? How To Find Your Gratitude Attitude is a 21-day devotional that helps you to refocus on what’s important: giving thanks in all situations.

How to Find Your Gratitude Attitude

What Are You Complaining About?

Here’s a peek at day 1 of How To Find Your Gratitude Attitude.

What Are You Complaining About?

On the next day all the congregation of the children of Israel complained against Moses and Aaron, saying, “You have killed the people of the LORD.” Numbers 11:41 NKJV

I know, it’s ironic to start a book on gratitude with a verse about complaining, but I wanted to be real. I complain a lot. I complain about my finances and the way every pay period finds me a little bit short. I complain about the number on the scale when I step on it. I complain about the way my hair looks when I comb it. Am I alone in the pity party?

My friend, do you find yourself complaining a little more than you should? Let’s work on our perspective together. Instead of complaining about the few things I lack, I’m choosing to be grateful all the bills are paid, there’s food in the house, there are treats to keep us sweet and I have hair to comb.

Your turn:

What do you find yourself complaining about?

Find your gratitude attitude. Rewrite your statements above.


Lord, sometimes I find myself focusing on the things I lack, give me new eyes to see the bounty you have provided. Create in me a heart of gratitude and a tongue that praises instead of complains. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further reading: Numbers 16:41–50

How would you respond if God showed up at a time when you were complaining?

Did you notice that the people accused Moses of “killing the people of God” and then 14 700 died in the plaque? Are we speaking negativity in our lives? Be honest, what negative things have you spoken over your life?

Seek God’s forgiveness. Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.

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