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In Feast or Famine Review

The story of Joseph is one that has fascinated people throughout the ages. In here latest biblical fiction, In Feast or Famine, Mesu Andrews explores what life may have been like for the young Hebrew, as he acted as vizier of Egypt to save the people according to Elohim’s plan.

I’ll admit that prior to reading this In Feast or Famine, I never had a single thought about Asenath. I wondered vaguely what it was like for Joseph to be married to an Egyptian priestess and how he remained faithful to God, but that was about it.

Ms. Andrews crafted a masterful tale filled with intrigue and danger. Not only did she portray the challenges Joseph may have faced as a Hebrew in an influential position among people who despised him, but she also gave Asenath a voice.

Ms. Andrews took us from Joseph’s imprisonment through his rise to vizier of Egypt and some challenges he faced. I enjoyed watching as the character maintained his faith by setting clear boundaries between the practices and beliefs of those around him. While it was plausible, I struggled to believe that Joseph would have treated his brothers the way it played out in this novel.

Asenath also had an intense journey as she sought to cut ties with her abi. I respect how she tried to honor his role in her life, though he was a despicable character. (I have never wished for the death of a character as much as I wished for Potiphera’s).

Ms. Andrews did a great job crafting her villain and readers will breathe a sigh of relief when good finally triumphs over evil.

Readers will be reminded that God loves us, regardless of our nationality and background. In Feast or Famine will also remind readers that though they may make plans, ultimately it is the will of the Lord that will prevail.

Favorite Quotes from In Feast or Famine

Here are some of my favorite quotes from In Feast or Famine:

“Grief is a ruthless taskmaster, relentlessly causing us to relive the most painful memories.”

“Trusting Elohim is always a choice between doubt that sends us spiraling or faith that reveals an awe-inspiring aspect of God’s character.”

“Ahira, there are too many what ifs to consider in a day. If we feared every what if, we’d have a life of if onlys.”

My husband was anxious, too, but we were both trying to apply Elohim’s past faithfulness to our current dilemma.

I received an advanced reader’s copy from the publisher through NetGalley; a positive review was not required.

In Feast or Famine: A Novel (The Egyptian Chronicles)

Thrust into an arranged marriage, the daughter of ancient Egypt’s high priest plays a pivotal role in Joseph’s biblical narrative in this powerful novel from the award-winning author of Potiphar’s Wife.

After four-year-old Asenath’s mother is murdered by Egypt’s foreign rulers, the child is raised to be a priestess by her overprotective father—high priest of Egypt’s sun god. For fifteen years, Asenath is sequestered in the upper levels of Ra’s temple, convinced it is her destiny to heal the land by becoming queen to the next Egyptian Pharaoh. But when Egypt’s foreign king instead gives her as a bride to the newly appointed vizier—a Hebrew named Joseph—her entire world is shaken. 

Beyond the walls of her tower, Asenath discovers treachery, deceit, and conspiracy that force her to redefine her destiny and weigh where her true loyalties lie. Can she still trust the gods of Egypt? Or is Elohim, the foreign God of her husband, the one who will heal her nation during the feast and famine to come?

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About Mesu Andrews 

Mesu Andrews is the Christy Award-winning author of numerous inspirational novels including the Treasures of the Nile series, the Prophets and Kings series, and Potiphar’s Wife, the first book in the Egyptian Chronicles series. Her deep understanding of and love for God’s Word help her to bring the biblical world alive for readers. Mesu lives in North Carolina with her husband, Roy, and enjoys spending time with her tribe of grandchildren.

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