Christian Fiction New Releases September 2023

21 Brand-New Releases in Christian Fiction: September 2023

Here are some new releases in Christian fiction. These books will release in September 2023. I’m sure you’ll find one or two (or half a dozen) to add to your TBR list.

There I Find Love, by Jessie Gussman (September 5)

Clara Landry hates her job. When her boss informs her she needs to transfer to The Cities from her office at Lake Michigan she decides it’s a good time to quit and to start her dream business selling her art at a small artisan shop in Strawberry Sands. The decision would be a no-brainer, except she’s been in love with her boss for years. But he doesn’t know and wouldn’t be interested in her. Getting out is the best choice.

Alexander Hudson has become a ultra successful businessman, making millions with his investments and shrewd business sense. He pretty much raised himself since his parents were in and out of his life. He determined at a young age to “make something of himself” and break the cycle. What he’s found is that he’s not any happier at the top than he was while he was on the bottom. The one ray of sunshine in his life is his administrative assistant, Clara Landry, and she’s just informed him that she’s quitting.

Alexander doesn’t want to lose her.

So he follows her to Strawberry Sands, and what he finds there will change his life forever.

Could it be love?

A Counterfeit Betrothal, by Denise Weimer (September 5)

A frontier scout, a healing widow, and a desperate fight for peace.

At the farthest Georgia outpost this side of hostile Creek Territory in 1813, Jared Lockridge serves his country as a scout to redeem his father’s botched heritage. If he can help secure peace against Indians allied to the British, he can bring his betrothed to the home he’s building and open his cabinetry shop. Then he comes across a burning cabin and a traumatized woman just widowed by a fatal shot.

Freed from a cruel marriage, Esther Andrews agrees to winter at the Lockridge homestead to help Jared’s pregnant sister-in-law. Lame in one foot, Esther has always known she is secondhand goods, but the gentle carpenter-turned-scout draws her heart with as much skill as he creates furniture from wood. His family’s love offers hope even as violence erupts along the frontier—and Jared’s investigation into local incidents brings danger to their doorstep. Yet how could Esther ever hope a loyal man like Jared would choose her over a fine lady?

All’s Fair in Love and Christmas, by Sarah Monzon (September 5)

Two workplace rivals. One festive competition. And a romance that upends it all.

Every December two things are guaranteed for graphic designer Mackenzie Graham–Christmas celebrations and the annual promotion at her workplace. Those two things are by no means mutually exclusive. In fact, the better an employee is at harnessing the Christmas spirit, the more likely they’ll win the new job. With her social anxiety, Mackenzie never thought she’d be a contender in her company’s holiday competition, so how exactly has she found herself dueling her workplace crush with wrapping paper tubes and using tinsel as her weapon of choice for a much-needed raise?

Jeremy Fletcher’s life is meticulously planned out, including how to win this year’s promotion at work. Not only will the new position fulfill some of his career goals, but as a single guardian to his twin niece and nephew, he needs the salary increase to support his family. Jeremy has barely noticed Mackenzie Graham around the office, but now that she’s his rival, he can’t stop thinking about her. Her quirkiness intrigues him, and he’s afraid that if he can’t get his head on straight, the promotion isn’t the only thing he’ll end up losing to Mackenzie.

You Make It Feel like Christmas,by Toni Shiloh (September 5)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year–for everyone except Starr Lewis.

As if going home for the holidays jobless and single wasn’t bad enough, she’s dragged into a holiday season full of activities leading up to her sister’s uber-romantic Christmas Eve wedding–to Starr’s ex-boyfriend. But when her brother’s best friend, Waylon Emmerson, attends their family Thanksgiving, she starts to wonder if maybe coming home for Christmas isn’t so bad after all.

As Starr finds the perfect distraction in helping Waylon make over his late mother’s Christmas shop, the most wonderful time of the year works its magic and the spark between them grows. But with the holidays fast approaching, Starr must decide what she wants out of life after the gifts are unwrapped and the ornaments are put away–to go back to New York City or to open her heart to a love that will last beyond Christmas Day?

Luke, by Liz Isaacson (September 5)

He swore off women when his ex told him he might not be their daughter’s father. But a paternity test confirmed he is, and Luke Young has dedicated his life to Corrine and his brothers’ band. There hasn’t been time for a girlfriend anyway. He’s tried here and there, and the women in small-town Coral Canyon are certainly interested in him.

But he’s been thinking about his massage therapist for a while now…

Sterling Boyd struck out on her own last year, right when Luke asks her to go on tour with him. So she says no, and they begin a delicate dance around their feelings for one another. She’s desperate to prove to the haters at her former spa that she’s capable, that she’s worthy, that she’s visible.

The problem is, no one has ever seen her before.

Until Luke. He can’t get her out of his head, and when she shows up at the Young Family New Year’s Eve party, the whole night takes a turn for the better. And when his parents play their silly kissing song, Sterling is the blonde bombshell right in front of him.

She’s panicking, because she’s just told Luke’s nephew that they’re dating, so he won’t set Luke up with a friend of his. And when that song plays…Sterling tips up and kisses Luke right on the mouth.

Now that real feelings are out, the sparks between Luke and Sterling are hotter than ever. Will Luke’s status as a single dad and local celebrity put too much strain on their new relationship? Or will they find that taking a risk on each other is worth it to find belonging and true love?

Meet the next Young brother and continue the family saga in this clean, Christian, single dad cowboy romance by USA Today and Top 10 Kindle All-Star author Liz Isaacson!

Expired Vows, by Lisa Phillips, Laura Conaway (September 12)

Fire. Family. Faith.
Last Chance Fire and Rescue

She sees the promise of freedom. He vowed to always be the hero.

EMT Trace Bently came back to Last Chance County to escape his past. After the loss of his wife, he gave up a promising career as a police officer for the chance to save lives every day as part of the Fire Department. When a hostage situation demands the help of a local counselor, Trace realizes the past he left behind has found him. He’s being given a second chance to save the life of someone he cares about.

If he can face the grief he buried.

Family Counselor Kelsey Scott has to secure this grant or admit failure. She can’t afford to lose any more pieces of the life she wants because of her own choices. When Kelsey becomes the target of a series of dangerous attacks, Trace steps in determined to protect his wife’s best friend. This hero breaks down all her resistance, but Kelsey can’t risk her own heart.

Even if it’s what will set them both free.

Cowboy’s Christmas Librarian, by Clara Pines (September 12)

They’ve got nothing in common but a little girl who needs a special holiday…

Logan Williams works hard, plays harder, and doesn’t care if he’s got a reputation for being rebellious. After all, growing up as part of a great big family on the rambling acres of their beloved farm, he’s never had to worry much about what anyone else thinks.

But when his out-of-town brother asks him to take care of his daughter for a couple of months, Logan decides it’s worth slowing down his after-work activities to get time with his irresistible niece.

Caroline Bard adores being the children’s librarian at Trinity Falls Community Library. With her dream job, a little apartment in town, and her parents nearby, Caroline sometimes wonders if any one person could ever deserve so much happiness.

But when a tragedy rocks her world, she finds comfort with the unlikeliest of people.

She had a crush on Logan Williams back in high school, but never thought the athletic farm boy with the rakish smile would become a regular at the community library, let alone take it upon himself to put the magic back in the holidays for her. The bond she forms with his brilliant young niece becomes a bridge between them, and she begins to see a side of Logan the rest of the world doesn’t seem to know about.

But when push comes to shove, can a man like Logan really reform his ways enough to win the heart of a woman like Caroline?

And even if he does, will he be able to get Caroline’s nose out of her book long enough to notice?

Trinity Falls Sweet Romance is all about finding family – one clean & wholesome romance at a time.

From a widower discovering he has feelings for his kids’ nanny, to a soldier finding out about a secret baby, to a single dad falling in love with his child’s preschool teacher, you’ll lose yourself in these feel-good books celebrating love, family, and the very special small town community of Trinity Falls.

All They Loved, by Rhonda McKnight (September 14)

Leela Ingram is starting over after her divorce from her cheating husband. She’s relocated and lucked into a great career as an event planner. Leela is determined to be successful at maintaining and elevating her new business. She’s focused until she meets television executive, Kiefer Bennett, whose charm, and down-to-earth personality are hard to resist.

Kiefer is overwhelmed by his new position as VP of programming for Bennett Television. Conversations with Leela are a distraction he needs. When he finds out she’s burdened by financial struggles Kiefer proposes a unique arrangement that includes Leela working for him part time and dog sitting while he travels for business. Their professional relationship soon evolves into something more, as Kiefer needs her in ways that consume not only her heart, but her time.

Love is inevitable, but will their romance have a chance once someone from Leela’s past resurfaces, and Kiefer’s insecurities and a complex secret he’s been keeping becomes known.

Cowboy Blind Date Mix-Up for Christmas, by Jo Grafford (September 15)

All she wants for Christmas is one perfect holi-date, not a calendar mix-up between two tall, dark, Texas cowboys — both claiming to be her blind date!

Everyone assumes trick rider Christie Hart has it all. The truth is her rapid rise to fame has left her exhausted inside and out. So when a position at a small-town rodeo opens up, she jumps at the chance to slow the pace a little. And go on a few blind dates. Not on the same evening, of course! And one of them is most definitely NOT supposed to be with Wes Wakefield:

  1. Her best friend’s stepbrother.
  2. Someone she’s been daydreaming about for years.
  3. A guy who doesn’t immediately connect her to the quiet, shy, plus-sized version of her from their first encounter.

Should she play it safe with the blind date she’s never met? Or explore her secret crush on a guy who doesn’t even remember her?

Buy Cowboy Blind Date Mix-Up for Christmas to laugh and sigh your way through this clean and wholesome holi-dating disaster today!

Forever After All, by Mandi Blake (September 17)

He’s stranded with his best friend. Is it a chance for love, or will a threat from his past steal their happy ending?

Jess Patton is blunt, but there’s one person who never bats an eye when she speaks her mind. When that same man rescues her from a bad blind date, her rapidly beating heart is impossible to ignore. Suddenly, she’s second-guessing everything she knows about him.

After everything he’s seen and done, Lincoln North knows he doesn’t deserve a woman like Jess. Not only is she gorgeous, but she doesn’t play games, and being around her is as easy as breathing. She’s also the only woman who has ever made him wish he were a better man, so watching her try to find love with anyone but him might just be the death of him.

In a twist of fate Linc never saw coming, they wind up stranded together in a mountain cabin. As Jess starts to see Linc in a whole new light, he’s tempted to believe he might have a shot at happiness with her.

But Linc’s past is as dark as midnight, and it’s waiting for him back at the ranch. Linc and Jess have more than a storm standing between them and their happily ever after. Will they weather it together, or will he be forced to push her away to keep her safe?

Forever After All is a sweet friends to more redemption romance and the sixth book in the Wolf Creek Ranch series.

Embracing the Life, by Rachael C. Duncan (September 19)

Get carried away by the captivating display of unwavering faith and strength in this compelling tale of the transformative power of God’s love.

Tabitha, a courageous young widow, sets out on a mission to share the message of Jesus Christ with her sceptical uncle, Joram, in the ancient seaport town of Joppa, when—despite Joram’s bitterness and sarcasm—her unwavering faith and infectious joy touch the lives of those around her.

In another corner of the world, newlyweds Kelila and Philip embrace their missionary calling as they arrive in the village of Sychar. But when Kelila’s dreams of a peaceful life clash with Philip’s sacred purpose, she’s led to a path of self-discovery and surrender, where she must learn to let go of her own desires and embrace the greater plan that God has in store for her.

In Jerusalem, Mary struggles with her beloved son as he begins to drift further and further from their faith. Concerned he is far more interested in the pursuit of fleeting pleasures than the way of everlasting life, Mary must put her faith in the Lord and pray for guidance.

Embracing the Life is an inspiring tale of divine plans, unwavering faith, and the power of hope amidst religious upheaval and the sinister forces of darkness seeking to destroy the light of truth.

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Redemption in the Wilderness, by Andrea Byrd (September 19)

Two sisters alone on the Kentucky frontier…love is the last thing they expect to find.

After the death of their parents during the Hard Winter, Margaret and her sister have struggled to survive. Between her mother’s dying wish that Margaret protect her sister, and the nagging sensation that they are not alone, guilt and worry are her constant companions. And if someone is following them, is their watcher friend or foe?

Henry Donegal can’t afford roots, not with the pain and guilt of the life he’s left behind, or the memory of the drink that once threatened to consume him. But his solitary life as a long hunter in the wilds of Kentucky finds a new path when he happens upon a young woman digging a grave for her own mother. Unable to pull himself away when he realizes that she and her sister are on their own, he begins to provide anonymous aid. But when the women truly need him, can he risk leaving his solitary life behind to step in and fill the void?

No Safe Place, by Barbara Ellen Brink (September 20)

An acclaimed mystery writer finds her words brought frighteningly to life…

After her fiancé is violently murdered walking home from the gym one night, celebrated author L.E. Stanfield flees the crime-ridden city of Minneapolis to settle in the comparative safety of smalltown rural Wisconsin. Dealing with agoraphobia and a crisis of faith related to her grief, she lives in a gated, computerized, smart home where she feels safe from the outside world, locked inside by debilitating fear and anger at God, isolated and alone.

When her New York editor is killed in a traffic accident, the publisher quickly assigns a new editor to help meet the deadline on her novel. Carson Scott is handsome, smart, and easy to work with, and she quickly connects with him online, but is there more to his story than meets the eye?

Living under her real name and never leaving the house, no one in town could possibly connect Liya Sharapova to her non-de-plume. But someone has hacked her security system and is busy turning her safe place into a living nightmare by using scenes from her own work-in-progress.

Will Liya release her death grip on the need to control and protect her life and let God transform the ashes of her past into a future ripe with promise?

A psychological Christian thriller with page turning tension in every chapter right up to the surprising twist that you won’t see coming.

King of the Crown Imperials: Inspired by the Story of Queen Esther, by Joanna Alonzo (September 23)

Danger lurks everywhere. No one needs to know.
She’s a beautiful diversion. Time to put on a show.

A royal internship in the island country of Ancoria is the perfect way for Vivienne to end her year-long journey across the world. She gets more adventure than she bargains for when the internship requires her to pretend to be the prince’s fiancée.

With two spies missing and rumors of war spreading across the kingdom, the last thing Philip wants is to figure out his love life. A chance encounter with his cousin’s best friend draws the nation’s fascination and provides the perfect distraction to buy him time to protect his throne, family, and country.

Will their farce of an engagement succeed in shielding the kingdom from its enemies? Or will the lies reduce their faith, love, and country to ashes?

The Realtor’s Attendant, by Rose Fresquez (September 25)

She’s escaping an arranged marriage. He’s recovering from a disastrous wedding. When sparks fly between them, will they brave a second chance at love?

Touted as the ideal daughter, Hope Njeri chafes under her dad’s strict rule and dreams of discovering who she is beyond his influence and traveling the world beyond his threshold. So, when he tries to pressure her into an arranged marriage, she flees Kenya for Uganda, determined to become the woman she’s always kept hidden. Even if that means working around the clock as a hotel maid and putting up with her overly critical boss.

After being left at the altar, small-town Realtor Gavin Kress jumps at the opportunity to spend a year in Uganda doing charity work. Maybe some distance from his ex will help him heal. Dating is the last thing on his mind—until the beautiful Hope stumbles into his life and restarts his heart.

When he witnesses her boss verbally harass her, Gavin steps in to help—and gets her fired. With no other options, she accepts his offer to work with his charity organization. But as their feelings blossom, Hope and Gavin must decide how hard they’re willing to fight for true love—especially when they travel back to his small town and his ex wants a second chance.

Gavin’s let a woman walk away before, and Hope’s always let everything get taken away from her. But this time, can Gavin trust the woman he loves isn’t going to walk out? And if Hope fights for the love of her life, can she stand up to his parents who aren’t fond of her?

This is the seventh standalone book in the caregiver series. Each book can be read in any order.

A Companion for Christmas, by Lee Tobin McClain (September 26)

A family secret…

Could be an unexpected Christmas gift.

To escape the small-town gossip around her broken engagement, Kelly Walsh plans to house-sit alone with her therapy dog, Pokey—not spend the holidays with her late sister’s ex-boyfriend. But when Alec Wilkins and his daughter arrive on her doorstep, Kelly can’t turn them away. Soon the temporary arrangement has Kelly wishing for more. Only, Alec has a secret that could change everything…

The Prodigal Prince, by Carol Moncado (September 26)

She’s an actress and model contemplating obscurity.
He’s a prince avoiding his responsibilities.
Will shared trauma bring them together?

Fiona Westgate has been called many things.

Single Mom

But no one ever calls her helpless.

Until the day she gets a message:

We’ve got your kid.

Desperation drives her to Islas del Sargasso where she hopes the royal family will come through for her.

Even if their errant prince never told them he had a child.

News of the kidnapping sends members of at least four royal families into crisis mode. How can they ensure the safe return while bringing those accountable to justice?

Tentacles of a villain long-thought dead spring to life as the journey takes them deep into family lore – and uncovers secrets best kept buried.

The revelations could tear the Sargassian family – and their people – apart or the truth can prove once and for all that family, even royal family, is far more than genetics.

When it does, will he stay and take responsibility or will he once again become the prodigal prince?

Hunted at Christmas ,by Dana R. Lynn (September 26)

Wanted by a bounty hunter.

Chased by a killer.

When single mother Addison Johnson is attacked by a hit man, she learns there’s a price on her head. And Isaiah Bender—the bounty hunter hired to track her down for crimes she didn’t commit—is her only hope for survival. Protecting Addison and her young son from armed assailants means seeking refuge in Amish country. But when their holiday hideout is discovered, can he clear an innocent woman’s name and keep her alive?

Rescuing the Stolen Child, by Connie Queen (September 26)

Time is running out…

and a child’s life is on the line

When Lieutenant Texas Ranger Zane Adcock is attacked, he learns two shocking things: his estranged daughter has a son…and his grandson has been taken. The desperate kidnapper needs Zane to investigate an old murder case, and little Wyatt is his leverage. Zane, with help from his ex-fiancée, Bliss Walker, has days to clear a wrongly convicted inmate—or his grandson will pay the price.

Christmas Bells and Wedding Vows, by Jody Hedlund, Lacy Williams, Misty M. Beller (September 26)

From bestselling and award-winning authors, experience Christmas on the rugged western frontier with three novellas filled with unforgettable adventures, enduring romance, and the timeless message of hope found in the Savior’s birth.

Claiming the Cowgirl by Jody Hedlund
Serena Taylor is hiding in Colorado’s high country to keep her son safe, and she knows the best way to protect him is by marrying again and giving him a father. Weston Oakley needs a wife by Christmas to placate his meddling family, but after being spurned one too many times in love, he’s reluctant to give his heart away again. When they agree on a marriage of convenience, both of them get much more than they bargained for.

Doctor’s Snowflake Bride by Lacy Williams
Minnie steps off the train ready to become a mail-order bride, but she finds the well-dressed man waiting for her isn’t her intended husband. The protective oath Jed took when he became a doctor doesn’t cover stranded women, but he can’t leave the beautiful stranger alone in a building blizzard two days before Christmas. When circumstances force them into close proximity, Jed and Minnie find that their growing feelings aren’t convenient at all.

Marrying the Mountain Man’s Best Friend by Misty M. Beller
Two Stones, a Salish warrior accustomed to navigating between tribes and miners, unexpectedly finds himself summoned to the side of a dying friend in Virginia City. Sworn to honor the miner’s last wish, Two Stones agrees to marry his daughter, Heidi, but plans to take her to live with his parents. He’ll provide all her needs, make sure she’s safe, and visit her on occasion when his path leads him that direction.

As they set out on the journey, their path is fraught with challenges that defy Two Stones’ plans and reveal a surprising depth to Heidi’s character. As they near the end of their trail and join the Christmas festivities at the Coulter Ranch, Two Stones begins to realize this inconvenient marriage might really be a Christmas gift he’ll always treasure.

The Police Chief and the Musician, by Cami Checketts (September 27)

A sweetheart musician pursued by a psycho; a police chief sworn to protect her. Love can’t factor into the equation.

Livvy Moser has been a target of a demented man for over five years. When he’s released from prison her only chance is to let down her guard and turn to Chief Jensen. If only she can keep her feelings for Jensen buried.

Chief Jensen Allendale has loved Livvy Moser from the moment he met her. With her life on the line he’s had to keep his distance emotionally to protect her from being a target for Treven Rindlesbacher. Now he has to protect her from Treven. His longing for her cannot be revealed.

Will Jensen keep Livvy safe or will he only lose his heart?

Don’t miss this new clean romantic suspense series by USA Today Bestselling Author Cami Checketts.

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