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Welcome to Orange Valley where everyone deserves a one-of-a-kind love.

This is the tagline for my Orange Valley series because I want readers to know they can expect a romance emerging between people who sometimes don’t believe deserve it.

Why Orange Valley?

Writers are always being told, “Write what you know.” At the same time, we’re expected to write what they want to see in the genre they enjoy and to innovate. With such conflicting advice, it’s a wonder that any books are written at all.

When I decided to write and publish my first fiction series, I thought about what I liked to read (this is also advice that we hear often) and that this was small-town romance.

I knew I would not be able to realistically write about small towns set in the US or anywhere else for that matter because I’ve always been an island girl.

I decided to create a fictional island that was loosely based on Jamaica with a few other Caribbean islands thrown in. This place would have the best of the island I lived on, including some nostalgic things and the ideas my imagination could conjure up.


Saturn Island was born. I can picture your expression: if your books are set in Orange Valley, why was Saturn Island created?

That’s because if you zoom all the way out, Orange Valley is a town on Saturn Island (as is Idlewood, Cinnamon Hill, and most of the other places referenced in my books).

I asked Canva AI to generate some images for me to cement my image of Orange Valley. Here are some of the pictures generated. Obviously, AI art is a long way away from perfect, but I hope they’ll give you a sense of the community I’m creating with words.

The Orange Valley Books

There will be four books in the Orange Valley series with at least three books in a spin-off series I hope to publish in 2024.

To learn more about each book in the series, click on the hyperlink to the book page.

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