Impending Strike Review

Impending Strike by Sami A. Abrams focuses on the romance between Elite Guardians Lizzie and Charlie. When Charlie is hurt while on an undercover assignment, the task falls to his partner and friend Lizzie to protect him. But Charlie’s memory loss makes it impossible for him to remember the relationship that exist between him and …

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Sunburst Review

When Ranger agrees to join a rescue mission, the last person he expected to see was Noemi, the woman who had stolen his heart years before. When they get separated from the rest of the team, pretending to be married became necessary. What he didn’t expect was having to marry her for real, or wanting …

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Holier Than Thou Jackie Hill Perry quote

Holier Than Thou

In Holier Than Thou, Jackie Hill Perry embarks on the difficult task of trying to explain the holiness of God in language that innately sinful people can understand. My Review of Holier Than Thou God’s holiness is an attribute that all Christians need to spend time exploring. Many times, we like to focus on the …

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Trace of Doubt by Diann Mills quote

Trace of Doubt

Trace of Doubt by Dianna Mills follows Shelby Pearce, a released convict who finds herself fighting to retain her freedom and her life. When Shelby Pearce is released from prison, she thought she could have a semblance of a normal life. After all, she had spent 15 years behind bars and the system deemed her …

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