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Porch Music Review

Porch Music by Kathy Maresca tells the story of a part Seminole family, the injustices they face, and the effects it had on them.

Porch Music started slowly for me as the author layered the stories of the various characters. Told from multiple viewpoints, the reader has a chance to learn about the members of the Eppings family and some of their friends.

We see the effects of secrets on a family and how they unravel the very fabric. Ma-Ki and her daughters tried so hard to keep the truth buried that it almost destroyed their family.

I enjoyed some characters more than others–my favorites being Rose, Sister Daisy, Janie, and Buster. I liked the positive influence Rose had on the Eppings, especially Ma-Ki.

Janie took on too many of her mother’s responsibilities, but it showed how much of a servant’s heart she had. Buster had a good heart, especially considering the challenges he had to deal with. Watching these two characters mature was interesting and you wanted to root for them. Especially as the characters discover the power of the Holy Spirit.

There were a couple of storylines that I felt needed a bit more story to feel complete, but overall this was a good read. Porch Music was a redemption story.

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The characters of Porch Music will creep into your heart until you find yourself wanting them to get a better life than they had previously had.

Readers will be reminded of the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit. When we accept Jesus, He changes our lives in visible ways that affect the people around us. They will also be reminded that forgiveness is necessary for the persons who have been wronged to move on with their lives.

If you like family sagas or redemption stories, you may enjoy Porch Music by Kathy Maresca.

Quotes from Purch Music

“The minute I think I’m winning the war against sin, Old Slew-foot slips in, and my old mean self comes out.”

Quote from Porch Music by Kathy Maresca

“Let’s go,” Buster says. We hop into Ma’s coupe and follow them to the fishing hole. Maggie drives ahead of us, alone in her Buick.

“Buster, why are we going to the fishing hole without any poles?”

“I ain’t got an answer for that one, Janie.” Buster shrugs his shoulders and rolls his eyes.

Boys don’t ask enough questions. They charge ahead, even when they don’t know what they’re doing.

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About Porch Music

All sixteen-year-old Rose has is what she carries: a pillowcase of clothes, her boyfriend’s unborn child, and a heart full of shame. In the face of 1952’s strict moral code, Seminole matriarch Ma-Ki Ebbing embraces Rose. Ma-Ki, on the fringe of society, clings to her Native American traditions and secrets surrounding her husband’s murder while her adult children unravel from social injustice.

When Ma-Ki’s children were young, Burl Ebbing approached a wealthy, powerful man who had sexually abused his children. The villain shot Burl’s heart right out of him. Twenty years later, Ma-Ki fears that her children will avenge their father’s death and refuses to disclose the criminal’s identity. The Ebbing women band together, marching through a chorus of grit and grind to unite a family once rendered powerless by a people who invaded their land. Will the tragic death of one of her daughters cause Ma-Ki to identify the villain and embrace Rose’s newfound faith?
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About Kathy Maresca

A native Floridian, Kathy Maresca grew up with a grandmother of Native American heritage. When she was in high school, Kathy had the opportunity to befriend Native American Seminoles. She listened to their stories and watched their ceremonial dances.

Her debut novel, “Porch Music,” is launched from those memories and from the experiences her grandmother and great-grandmother shared with their descendants.

Kathy served in the Air Force, at the Academy cadet chapel and then at a special operations command. She edited for the University of Florida and taught English, journalism, and drama. Kathy later earned a master’s degree and became credentialed as a rehabilitation counselor, helping people who have cranial nerve disorders.

Kathy has been a Guardian ad Litem and a volunteer for a prison fellowship ministry. Her second novel is scheduled to release from TouchPoint Press in 2023.

Kathy lives in North Carolina with her husband, Keith, who is also an Air Force veteran. They enjoy traveling and spending time with their dogs.

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