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7 Free Reading Challenges for Christian Readers

Reading challenges are a great way to push yourself as a reader. The idea of trying to read a certain type of book to meet a goal can be motivating. So if reading challenges are your thing, here are seven challenges for you to try this year.

What is a Reading Challenge?

But first, what is a reading challenge? Basically, it’s a series of reading goals that you set over a period of time. Let’s say you want to try new genres, a reading challenge may be the way to do that as it gives you ideas of things you may want to seek out in your reading.

How to Create Your Own Reading Challenge

1. Make a list of the genres and tropes you like. I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of what you like to read. If you don’t,  stop right now and look back at all the books you’ve read in the past few months.

2. Evaluate your reading life. Think about the authors who you read most often and the types of books they write. Now ask yourself,

  • Are you happy with the types of books you’re reading?
  • What genres would you like to read more often?
  • What are your reading goals for this period?

3. Brainstorm. Using your answers to the questions above, write down some categories of things you’d like to read. For example, I want to read books set in different countries.

4. Create your reading list. This is the fun part. Make a list of all the things you want to read. You can make this general as in the example above or you can curate a list of books that meet your criteria.

If you’re looking for ideas of reading challenges or if you simply want to follow along with someone else’s plan (no judgments here) check out this list of reading challenges:

What Are Some Good Reading Challenges for Adults?

The internet is filled with general reading plans but since this is a Christian fiction blog, I’ve also included some challenges designed specifically with Christian readers in mind.

1. G3 Reading Challenge 2022 is designed to challenge Christians to read more widely.
Booklist Reading Challenge is for those who want to read 52 books in a year.

2. 2022 Intentional By Grace Reading Challenge: this is a combination of three different booklists arranged by level. Readers can choose to read 13, 26, or 52 books in a year.

3. 2022 Christian Reading Challenge: this reading list challenges you to read either 13 or 26 books across various categories such as Christian Living, Theology, or fiction.

4. Tim Challies’ 2022 Christian Reading Challenge: with four categories ranging from 13 to 104 books for the year, you’ll definitely find something to stretch your reading boundaries.

5. Beyond the Bookends Challenge is for those who want a shorter list. This challenge consists of 12 books where readers select a new book every month.

6. 2022 Reading Challenge Ideas For Christian Fiction Fans: this list of ideas will get ideas flowing for your reading list.  You can also download the Christian Fiction Book Bingo printable and add a layer of suspense as you seek to meet your reading goals.

7. 12-Month Chronological Reading Plan: If you’re looking for a Bible reading plan, have you ever thought about reading it chronologically? Download this free printable or join the mailing list to have the plan emailed to you each month.

Reading challenges are a great way to get out of a reading slump or to explore some genres you wouldn’t have otherwise. How do you feel about reading challenges? Let me know in the comments.

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7 Free Reading Challenges for Christian Readers
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