Redemption in the Wilderness, Andrea Byrd

Redemption in the Wilderness Review

Redemption in the Wilderness by Andrea Byrd is book two in the Frontier Hearts series.

Margaret and her sister Muireall are alone in the wilderness struggling to survive. When Iain Donegal realizes they’re alone, he decides to stick close by in case they need help.

Redemption in the Wilderness is a marriage of convenience or second-chance romance. I was immediately drawn into Margaret and Iain’s story. I felt empathy for Margaret and was curious about Iain’s past.

I strongly disliked Muireall who acted like a prima donna all through the book and caused trouble for the main characters.

Redemption in the Wilderness is a sweet story about two people who need each other but are afraid to trust because they’ve been hurt.

In order for this couple to get together, they had to make a choice to strive for the future they could have together rather than dwell on the past.

Readers of Redemption in the Wilderness will be reminded that God has a plan for each of us and can use even bad things for good in our lives when we trust Him.

Readers will also be reminded to stay in tune with God so they can understand the calling He has on their lives. Sometimes, God leads us down a path that’s temporary. We should learn to recognize the signs so we don’t miss out on what He’s calling us to do next.

If you enjoy woman in peril, convenient marriage, or redemption stories, check out Redemption in the Wilderness.

I received an advanced reader’s copy from the author as part of her launch team; a positive review was not required.

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About Redemption in the Wilderness

Two sisters alone on the Kentucky frontier…love is the last thing they expect to find.

After the death of their parents during the Hard Winter, Margaret and her sister have struggled to survive. Between her mother’s dying wish that Margaret protect her sister, and the nagging sensation that they are not alone, guilt and worry are her constant companions. And if someone is following them, is their watcher friend or foe?

Iain Donegal can’t afford roots, not with the pain and guilt of the life he’s left behind, or the memory of the drink that once threatened to consume him. But his solitary life as a long hunter in the wilds of Kentucky finds a new path when he happens upon a young woman digging a grave for her own mother.

Unable to pull himself away when he realizes that she and her sister are on their own, he begins to provide anonymous aid. But when the women truly need him, can he risk leaving his solitary life behind to step in and fill the void?

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About Andrea Byrd

As a Christian wife and mom located in rural Kentucky, Andrea Byrd has a deep affinity for an old-fashioned, natural lifestyle. Often described as having been born outside her time, she loves to spend time with her family in the great outdoors, one with nature.

With a degree in Equine Health & Rehabilitation gathering dust and a full-time job tethering her to a desk eight hours a day, Andrea decided it was high time to invoke change in her life. To show her children it is truly possible to make your dreams come true, she dove into the role of Christian Romance author with her debut series, Smoky Mountain Romance.

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