Stories That Bind Us

Stories That Bind Us Review

Stories That Bind Us by Susie Finkbeiner is the story of Betty Sweet and the events that happen to her in the present and in the past.

Stories That Bind Us


My Review of Stories That Bind Us

Shortly, after her husband’s death, Betty is reunited with her estranged sister Clara and becomes the guardian for her five-year-old nephew. I admit it, at first, I wasn’t a fan of her sister.

I didn’t like the way she had treated Betty in the past but as the story unfolds, we learn the reason behind Clara’s actions. In time, we learn to empathize with her and also to root with her to overcome the challenges in her path. 

Within a very short time, the reader understands why the book is called Stories That Bind Us. Betty Sweet is a story-teller. She tells the reader the story of her life. She tells stories to her family.

Betty’s voice is sweet and clear. She uses stories to express her world and the reader is connected to her through them.

Stories That Bind Us is a sometimes sad story but it’s also a story of hope and perseverance. It’s a tale of the power of story to bind people together. It’s a reminder that story can be powerful and can change your life.

It would have been nice to see a stronger element of faith in the story especially since it is evident that the characters are Christians but I feel that what was portrayed is a true picture of what life may have been like in the 1960s. In many ways, Betty’s relationship with God is symbolic of the relationship many Christians have with God today. 

Over the course of the book, readers will see how Betty Sweet and the other characters grow through their challenges. I loved how Betty found ways to incorporate her stories into real life for Hugo expanding his horizons and making what could have been a difficult time into one of joy and growth.

Susie Finkbeiner weaves a powerful tale that will tug on your emotions. You will root for the characters celebrating their victories and experiencing their sorrows.

Get your copy of Stories That Bind Us. I received an advanced reader’s copy from the publishers and NetGalley; a positive review was not required.

About Stories That Bind Us

Stories That Bind Us Betty Sweet never expected to be a widow at 40. With so much life still in front of her, she tries to figure out what’s next. She couldn’t have imagined what God had in mind. When her estranged sister is committed to a sanitarium, Betty finds herself taking on the care of a 5-year-old nephew she never knew she had.

In 1960s LaFontaine, Michigan, they make an odd pair. Betty with her pink button nose and bouffant hair. Hugo with his light brown skin and large brown eyes. But more powerful than what makes them different is what they share: the heartache of an empty space in their lives. Slowly, they will learn to trust one another as they discover common ground and healing through the magic of storytelling.

Award-winning author Susie Finkbeiner offers fans a novel that invites us to rediscover the power of story to open the doors of our hearts.


About Susie Finkbeiner

Susie FinkbeinerSusie Finkbeiner is the CBA bestselling author of All Manner of Things, as well as A Cup of Dust, A Trail of Crumbs, and A Song of Home. She serves on the Fiction Readers Summit planning committee, volunteers her time at Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and speaks at retreats and women’s events across the country. Susie and her husband have three children and live in West Michigan.

Learn more about Susie on her website

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