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Join Ami’s Crew!

I’m creating a street team and would love to have you join it.

The members of Ami’s Crew work with me to spread the news about my books (past, present, and future). Members will get the first shot at joining the launch team for each of my books, sneak peeks, be among the first to see my book covers, and many more perks!

What is a Street Team?

A street team is a group of persons who spread the word about an author’s books. They get to read the books before anyone else and help to build anticipation for new or recently released books.

What do Street Team Members Do?

Lots of things. A street team member performs some (or all) of the tasks below:

  • Read the eBook ARC (advanced reader copy) and review
  • Share a blog post and/or share the book with their readers
  • Post pictures (including quote graphics) of the book to their social media accounts
  • Request library to order new release
  • Recommend to friends and family
  • Write a review on retail sites

Who Can be a Member of a Street Team?

Any who loves to read (especially books in the author’s genre). You don’t need to have a large social media following or have every type of social media account (although I will be using a Facebook group to communicate with my team). You don’t even need to have a blog. What you need is a willingness to read the books and tell people about them. I’d be happy to have you on my street team if that’s you.

How Do You Join Ami’s Crew?

I’m glad you asked. Just fill out the street team Google form and I’ll be in touch. While you’re waiting to hear from me, check out my books so you’ll know which one you want to request first.

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