Texas Christmas Revenge, Connie Queen

Texas Christmas Revenge Review

When Brandi gets a 911 call from her sister who’s been presumed dead for two years, she knows something is wrong. She goes to their family farm expecting to find her sister but finds a baby and a gunman instead.
Brandi runs to the only person she believes can help her, Texas Ranger Rhett, her ex-fiance.

Texas Christmas Revenge is an action-packed drama with lots of twists and turns. Though all the evidence indicated that her sister was dead, Brandi refused to believe it.

The Characters in Texas Christmas Revenge

Brandi’s singlemindedness was admirable and a little frustrating. I liked that she kept trying to find her sister when everyone else had given up, but there were times when she was  downright reckless in her pursuit.

She also stubbornly held on to her opinion that Rhett wasn’t being sincere and that no one was willing to help her. She had isolated herself from everyone because she had been hurt and felt betrayed which was understandable, but it also seemed as if she didn’t give anyone the opportunity to make it right with her.

I would have liked to see more of her faith come out as she learned to lean on God and was glad when she was able to see differences between her unforgiveness and God’s willingness to forgive.

Rhett seemed like a decent person. It would have been easy to refuse to help Brandi after what had happened before. Instead, he willingly put himself out of his way to keep her and Levi safe and to search for her missing sister.

The Themes in Texas Christmas Revenge

Readers will be reminded that we need to trust others even though some people will disappoint us. Otherwise, we will be filled with bitterness and unforgiveness which is not what God wants for any of us.

Readers will also be reminded that it’s important for us to forgive others as God forgives us when we sin.

Final Thoughts on Texas Christmas Revenge

This was  a fast-paced novel that will keep you engaged until the end. The revelation of the bad guys felt a little rushed because of how everything came out at the end. The villain was someone I never expected and his reasoning felt a little off. (I did go back and realize that there were hints earlier in the book which I had missed).

Overall, this was an entertaining book with a good reminder that we need to be mindful of our actions and the impact they have on others.

I received an advanced reader’s copy from the publisher through Just Read Tours; a positive review was not required.

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About Texas Christmas Revenge: An Uplifting Romantic Suspense

An abandoned little boy is the only clue
to a killer’s dangerous holiday plot…

Certain a desperate 911 caller is her presumed-dead sister, emergency dispatcher Brandi Callahan follows the cryptic message to a terrified toddler…and an armed assailant. Now Brandi will do anything to protect the boy—even if it means asking her ex-fiancé, Texas Ranger Rhett Kincaid, for help. But can Brandi and Rhett stop this killer before he exacts his terrible Christmas vengeance?

About Connie Queen

Connie Queen, a Publishers Weekly bestselling author, spent her life in Texas where she met and married her high-school sweetheart. Together they’ve raised eight children and are enjoying their grandchildren. As a child, Connie remembers her mom and sisters reading but she preferred to be outside. It wasn’t until later, she found the joy of being whisked away into another world. Today she resides in Texas with her husband, and Murphy, her Great Dane, where she’s working on her next suspense novel.

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