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Texas Witness Threat Review

What if you witnessed a crime but nobody believed you? Texas Witness Threat by Cate Nolan is the story of what happened.

My Review of Texas Witness Threat

When Christine witnesses a murder while sheltering from the rain, no one believes her except Texas Ranger Blake Nolan…and Blake has his own secrets and hidden trauma. 

This book was a pure thrill. The action starts on page one and you are kept on your toes as you try to figure out why none of Christine’s friends believe her…and why someone is trying to kill her if she made it all up.

The characters in Texas Witness Threat

Christine was a great character.  The last thing someone with anxiety needed was to witness a murder but she refused to let people railroad her into thinking she should keep silent or pretend she hadn’t seen what she had. For Christine, a crime had taken place before her eyes and she would not allow it to go unpunished.  I loved that about her. She kept fighting for the victim who could no longer fight for himself.

She refused to let fear or anxiety hold her down or stop her from seeking justice and in some ways, vindication. I also liked that she had her faith to center her when things weren’t going as she would have wanted them to. 

Blake made a great hero. He was scarred from events in his recent and distant past but he kept going. He believed in doing the right thing and kept serving those he felt were in need.  His belief in Christine kept her going and gave her the courage to fight for truth and justice.

I like how the romance played out between them–both had reasons they thought a relationship with the other wouldn’t work but they eventually realized that sometimes you have to take a risk for love.

There were some great secondary characters like Blake’s brother,  Dylan, and the Amish women that I’d like to read more about. And there were some characters like Christine’s boss that left a bad taste in the mouth. When his reason for not supporting her was revealed, I understood it, but it didn’t make him any more likable.

Themes in Texas Witness Threat

There was a strong theme reminding us that God is always willing to help us and that sometimes what we never knew we needed is exactly what He chooses to gift us with. Both Christine and Blake were able to call on God for help when they needed him most. 

There was also a reminder of God being able to use all things for good in His perfect timing. Neither Christine nor Blake were looking for love (and I doubt either of them would have thought they’d find it while investigating a murder) but that was God’s plan for them.

Final Thoughts on Texas Witness Threat

Christine’s faith in God was an intrinsic part of her character and she was constantly seeking Him in prayer or drawing strength from His presence. Blake’s faith had stagnated early in his childhood but it was reignited during the course of the story and it was great to watch.

You got the sense that both characters were passionate about their jobs and since they both believed in integrity and justice…they make a great match. Since they had pretty strong opinions, you can also imagine how much drama existed in their future.

I enjoyed reading this new-to-me author and look forward to reading more books from her. I received an advanced reader’s copy from the publishers through Just Read Tours; a positive review was not required.

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About Texas Witness Threat

Texas Witness Threat by Cate NolanShe saw something she shouldn’t have…

Assistant US Attorney Christine Davis is positive she witnessed a murder, but with no body, the police aren’t convinced. Now someone wants her dead, and Texas Ranger Blake Larsen is the only one who believes her. For Blake, protecting Christine must stay more important than their growing feelings for each other. But can he keep her safe from an unknown enemy who wants her silenced?


About Cate Nolan

Cate NolanCate Nolan lives in New York City, but she escapes to the ocean any chance she gets. A devoted mom, wife, and teacher, Cate loves to leave her real-life behind and play with the characters in her imagination.

She’s got that suspense writer gene that sees danger and a story in everyday occurrences. Cate particularly loves to write stories of faith enabling ordinary people to overcome extraordinary danger.

To learn more about Cate, visit her website at www.catenolanauthor.com

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