The Firefighters of Orange Valley

I’m starting a new series in 2024! It’s The Firefighters of Orange Valley

Alright, true confession: I have a lot of books I hope to release this year. Some of them will be “Sneaky Releases”, which means I’ll publish them and tell you about them later, but there won’t be a lot of advance promotion on social media.

I do, however, have some “official” books and series. This year, I’ll be focusing on two.

  1. The Firefighters of Orange Valley – this is a new series that will feature the firefighters introduced in my Orange Valley series. If you’ve read my Orange Valley series, you’ve already met some of the characters who’ll finally get their love stories. Yay!
  2. Christmas with the Porters – I intend to finish the series in 2024.

I’ll update the homepage with upcoming releases, so follow the website if you’re hoping to get first dibs on the information.

Who Are the Firefighters of Orange Valley?

There will be three official books:

  1. Falling For Her Fake Wedding Date – this is Carlos and Emma’s story.
  2. Falling For Her Student’s Single Dad – this is Levi and Meghann’s story.
  3. Falling For Her Grumpy Neighbor – this is Adrian and Liam’s story.

Related Short Story

The Mother of His Child is a related short story that is currently available. This is the story of Carlos’s younger sister Isabelle. You can read it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited until April 21, 2024.

I’m excited to be starting this new series and hope you’ll follow along for the adventure!

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