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The Starlet Spy Review

Things are not what they seem. This seems to be the recurring theme in The Starlet Spy by Rachel Scott McDaniel.

When movie star Amelie Blake is recruited to help in war efforts, she jumps at the chance to be more than the blonde bombshell Hollywood had cast her as. Unfortunately for her, that’s going to be her cover.

I enjoyed this story and frankly, it took me a while to read because I kept putting it down every time Amelie rushed into a dangerous situation. I was so afraid she was going to get caught, I couldn’t bear to watch, er read.

Because that’s the person she was. She genuinely cared about others and did what she could to help when possible.

Finn Ristaffason was another person who wasn’t what he appeared on the surface. Was he a Nazi-sympathizer or an Ally-supporter? Was he a grump or a sweet guy who was more taciturn than most?

For better or worse, Amelie had to work with Finn and sometimes that meant trusting him.

I enjoyed The Starlet Spy and though I would have liked to be in Finn’s head for at least part of the book, Ms. McDaniel did a fantastic job of communicating Finn’s emotion and character. We get to know him as Amelie does.

The romance, when it unfolded was so sweet, especially the finally scene…

Readers of The Starlet Spy will be reminded that God illuminates our path and we can trust Him to lead us out of darkness.

If you enjoy reading books with strong heroines or stories set in WWII, check out The Starlet Spy.

I received an advanced reader’s copy from the publisher through NetGalley; a positive review was not required.

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About The Starlet Spy

Hollywood Star Turns Spy
In 1943, movie producer Henrik Zoltan approaches Amelie Blake under the guise of offering the Hollywood star a leading part in his upcoming film, but he has a more meaningful role in mind.

Amelie’s homeland of Sweden declared neutrality in the war, but Stockholm has become the “Casablanca of the North.” When top-secret atomic research goes missing in Sweden, the Allied forces scramble to recover the files before they fall into Nazi hands.

The United States Office of Strategic Services (OSS) needs someone who’s subtle enough to spy on the Swedish elite without triggering suspicion. Who better than the “all beauty, no brains” Scandinavian starlet?

Fluent in three languages and possessing a brilliant memory, Amelie loathes being labeled witless but uses the misconception as her disguise. She’s tasked with searching for the crucial files, but Finn Ristaffason keeps getting in her way.

Is the charming shipping magnate after the missing research? Or does he have other reasons for showing up at her every turn?

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About Rachel Scott McDaniel

Rachel Scott McDaniel is an award-winning author of historical romance. Winner of the ACFW Genesis Award and the RWA Touched By Love award, Rachel infuses faith and heart into each story.

Rachel can be found online at and on all social media platforms. Her work is represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency. Rachel resides in Ohio with her husband and two children. 

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